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my tandberg dvd player wont read the disc and does not spin!?

it was working fine but suddenly after putting in discs it still says 'no disc' it does this with all discs after taking off the cover i saw it picks up the disc but doesn't spin, whats gone wrong? i know it was only a cheapo but can i fix it?
tandberg seleco dvd player
serial no. 710004127900001650

September 2004
Had the same problem my self. Open top lid, inject a dvd and press play, if it won't spin help the spinnwheel (white circular thing) along with your finger. Repeat until it can start by it self. My troubleshooted but has been fine for one year since this incident.

Trond Berg
March 2008
try manualy cleaning the lens if the laser cannot focus it will not spin this was a common problem with cd players

September 2004

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