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McCulloch 335 wont keep running?

Hi Guys
Just aquired the above chainsaw. When I first got it the saw wouldn't run unless I put petrol straight into the plug hole and then it would only burn that off then stop. I found out the two screws on the side of the carb were screwed in fully. I opened them both one full turn and now it starts easily but as soon as I squeeze the trigger the choke opens as I believe it should and the engine revs then stops.

February 2009
Back out both screws another 1/2 turn. That's the factory setting as a base line.

One of the screws is low speed, one is high, and they are inter-dependant to a certain extent.

What you are after is a solid idle, with no hesitation when the throttle is snapped open, and a smooth acceleration to a steady CLEAN full speed (no/minimal smoke). Adjust the screws in 45 degree increments to acheive this.

Phil Saunders
February 2009


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