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Cell won't receive text messages?

Hey I have a samsung sch-u7400 cell phone and I have a problem receiving texts all the time. And I know I have a text because I will text myself to see if it's mine or the other persons which is having problems. I can send texts, call people, and receive calls but even if I have four bars I still won't get my texts help me please!

Kaitlyn JM Taylor
February 2009
yeah my phones a samsung as well maybe ill try the voice mail idea

April 2011
My htc wildfire wont either. Do u no y ??

January 2011
mine won't either and i have a samsung.
but i found out what to do.
call your voice mail and they will all come in!

June 2010
My phone is a Virgin Mobile LG and I have the same problem. My parents and friends text me many times throughout the day and my phone hardly ever receives them. I have no idea what's wrong. I turn my phone on and off and I always delete every message I do get, just to see if it'll work. It is getting really annoying.

June 2010
try getting in touch with your service provider (o2/orage/t-mobile etc) and explain the problem to them

April 2010
mine has the same problem and it is also a samsung, i looked it up and it seems that samsung phones have this problem alot.

July 2009


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