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Mozilla Firefox Spam Folder?

Hi,hope someone can help,I assign unwanted messages to my Spam folder but they still come through,I'm sick of big companies trying to sell me stuff I don't want to even know about,how do I 'up the level' so to speak.

Cheesed Off.
November 2008
Real solution:
DON'T move the SPAM to the spam folder. The integrated spam filter can't learn to identify spam if you do.

Instead, do the following:
Chose the columns so that you have the spam status column showing.
Whenever you get some spam, click the dot in that column.
(you can also use the "SPAM' or "Undesirable" button)
This will tell the filter that this message is a bad one.
That way, the adaptive filter will learn and become extremely effecient.

Don't forget to check your spam folder to catch any falce positive. Click the little flame to tell the filter that it's NOT a spam message.

After a few days, or maybe weeks, you'll have about 100% effeciency and almost 0% false positives.

Over the last 10 years, I had less than 10 SPAMs get pass my filter using that technic.

Also, free solutions are available and they can rival for pay solutions, and even beat them.
Paying 10£ a year is way to much when you can have the same effectiveness for free...

I suspect that SLaM_uK may have some pecuniar affiliation with the proposed site.

May 2011
Use a different email provider. www.bluebottle.com has the best spam protection I have seen for only £10 a year. You will not get adequate spam protection using a free based email service. it will always get u in the end.

December 2008
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