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Bosch Excell 1200 Express?

When our Bosch washing machine fills with water it comes out (leaks) quite heavely from the bottom. I'm not 100% sure where from but when I had a quick look around and it seemed to be from around the sump area as that was where most of the water seemed to be present. Am I right in thinking it could be the sump hose or could it be something more serious? Please help.

October 2008
Check the doorseal thoroughly. Check all hoses and hose connections - stretch them to find pinhole leaks. Closely inspect the pump, particularily where the pump chamber and pump body mate. Look at the seals around the heater and thermostat at rear of drum. Check the detergent dispenser and dispenser outlet pipe for blockage and overflow. Check for rusty spray around where the pulley shaft enters the outer drum - early indication of seal and bearing failure. Machine may also leak when spinning or washing if the water level is too high-caused by a problem with the pressure switch. You may have to run the machine with the cover(s) off to try to identify the source of the leak.
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October 2008

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