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How can i fix my samsung E900?

Well my Samsung E900 won't work ever since I put my charger in to charge it up and it wont charge up, its not the charger,as I've already because i have already tryed that and brough a new one, so will i have to send it to a repair shop, or do you think its fixable?

October 2008
My samsung e900 will only charge if I move the end of charger around i know the charger is ok in another e900 as my wife has one, can this be sorted ?? Thanks

January 2010
jackp, yes you can get your stuff back but you need to get a usb port and if you look on ebay they are around £1.00, hope this helps

April 2009
about 2 months ago i droped my samsung e900 in the sink.i put it straight over a radiator. the sound works but the screen is still white. the phone is not important as i've got a new one but the pictures and music i had on there was. is there any way of fixing it so i can bluetooth my things to my new phone?

April 2009
i have smashed my samsung e900 screen and all the ink has ran what shall i do ?

ben thomas
October 2008
Yes it will be fixable but you need to work out how the damage was caused.. If your charger unit is broken you can have a new one fitted, if it's water damage that has caused it then it could go either way..
Look at your charger port in bright light & see if it's green/blue to indicate water has been near it.


October 2008

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