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heatflow boiler oil leak engineer cannot repair?

we bought a house with a"home fitted central heating system!" rads rusted and leaking water etc, my main worry is the engineer has charged me over £260 over 3 visits trying to repair an oil leak from the boiler(in my kitchen) he fitted a new pump, valves etc, it still leaks! so I refused to pay him the last £80 ontil it was fixed, that was a year ago, he has never been back, he said it cant be repaired, I am worried now about the smell and safety, we are disabled and my husband is a pensioner we do not have anymore money.

September 2008
If it had been me I would have taken you to court. You could have gotten a new system, but to save some money had a repairman trailing backwards & forwards, trying to repair it. He probably did the best he could & should not be held financially responsible for a situation of your making. Try doing this in a garage & they would impound your car.

October 2008
And you want us to do what????

September 2008

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