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how can i service or repair a waterside mc250 water softener?

my waterside mc250 has stopped working, allthough it still does the regeneration flushing but is not using any salt

John of wilts
August 2008
Try they fixed mine for me.

September 2013
try here

March 2013
Hi, my mc250 us dripping from the top where the white pipe goes into the the tank near the jubilee clip where can I find spare parts for this and instructions?? Many thanks

Ian C
March 2013
Today my MC250 started putting red crystals into my system and making the water a rusty colour, i had to isolate it and clear all filters in taps, washing machine, showers and it has blocked my saniflo. Has anyone had this problem?

Eric W Havers
June 2010
I've been having problems with our MC250. So far I've found a lot of complaints on:
One of these suggests a replacement head is the best bet and points you to:
I'm going to give it a go as I've had my original head off the machine today.

March 2009
MC250 Not so much an answer but a question to ask MNH and Stephen say you have them in pieces -do you still have the manual on how to set up the time clock etc?
My house is leased out (while I am abroad) and the previous tenant has taken or lost the instructions therefore neither myself or new tenant know how to operate/reset it. If anyone has the instructions please post response. Thanks EPS

Ed Smith
January 2009
You can get a service/repairs done through Culligan.
Their number is 01376 334200.
Ask for an estimate when making enquiries

January 2009
I have the same problem as well. Can anyone help?!

November 2008
Hi Guys,

I have mine in pieces also. It was leaking from around the top of the unit where it goes into the main tank.

The plastic type jubile clip has broken and all the seal are covered in scale.

I am trying to get a replacment clip and seals but a parts list would be handy.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Stephen Munro
November 2008
I have been looking into this problem and it seems that it is very common. This seems to be due to the fact that none of the printed circuit boards in the controls are protected sufficiently from the salt and there is a common seal failure which then allows brine onto one of the sensors. There seems little point in repairs as they don't last for long. I have discovered that there is a replacement head which fits to the resin tank which is much more reliable. I will post again when I have found a supplier for this.

Mark Hudson
November 2008
did you find a solution?- i have the same problem!

November 2008


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