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my button on alfa romeo key forbs broke?

i pressed the alarm button on the key to unlock car and its just stuck i think the spring has broke how do i take the forb apart?

July 2008
I had the same thing happen last week. If yours is the 2 button black fob as mine is, then you need to remove the "Alfa" badge which is fitted in a recess on the fob (it's only held in with double sided tape). Remove the screw, then gently ease the 2 halves of the fob apart with a screwdriver. It can be done honest. I found that the actual button inside had sheared off of the circuit board but with some delicate soldering i managed to refit it. just be careful when you've separated the 2 halves, as the switch may (as mine did) fall apart.

Graham Barnes
July 2008


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