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my hoover is blowing air instead of sucking air?

my murphy richard model no 73361 belt broke down. I put new belt but when I switched it on it starts blowing air. sucction is not working its throwing air out.

June 2008
HI, I suspect the belt you are talkng about is the beater bar belt. If you just replaced the belt, what your are more than likely feeling is not air blowing out but the beater bar and brush doing its job and causing turbulance in the air. The beater bar and brushes cause dirt to bounce out of your carpet by subjecting it to vibration and the brush causes movement of air to get the prticles air born so your vacume can pick it up better. If your vacuume is truly blowing instead of sucking then I suspect that you turbine which causes the suction is somehow run by this belt. You may have installed the belt wrong, just puting the belt ove or under a pully will cause the direction of the pulley to reverse it direction and thus reverse the drection of the turbine causing your vacumme to go from suck to blow. (Spaceballs) Check the belt installation

July 2008

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