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how can i fix my triton shower?

where can u buy shower accessories for a triton aquatronic 1 shower model no 9600460 serial no 00018753
the shower keeps going from cold to red hot probably the thermostat

alan bell
August 2005
my shower is not heating up it was running very hot then cold now it is only cold.

linda park
January 2010
i had the same problem with my mixer shower ,you cannot repair the thermostatic cartridge ,it has to be replaced by triton ,they are the only stockist of the cartridge ,no one else will stock this item and they will only order from them if they get it for is a simple job to replace , usually a cap that flips off which will give access to a screw holding the knob on ,once the knob is removed removed it will reveal a brass thermostatic cartridge wich is held in place by a grub screw ,once the grub screw is removed usually with a allen key the cartridge can be pulled out with a twist ,check for obvious damage ie rubber o rings worn badly broken etc or other such damage ,if you find that its something simple try replacing the worn /damaged part before buying the cartridge,unfortunatly there are no serviceable parts inside the cartridge and attempting to open one would probably render it useless, when you replace the new cartridge ensure you align the red mark on the cartridge with the 38 degrees marker i hope this has been of help

February 2009
Hi, just ring Triton's spares department. (Look on their website.) I broke the soap dish on mine, rang them, and received a new one, free, in the morning post!

August 2005


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