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Vauxhall Astra Radio timeout code?

I have recently bought a vauxhall astra R reg,fited with a Blaupunkt radio model car 300.I have the code for this radio but somebody has tried more than the permitted ten times to put in a code and it has timed out, does anybody have a solution

Ray Faccini
May 2008
hi i need the code for a BLAUPUNKT 300e


7 648 852 320

can anyone help

May 2012
i have an astra 1.8 sri wen i changed my cd player and put a new cd player on a sign came up on the dash bored sayin display safe but i do not have the code for the cd player i have put in how can i get the code or is there anyway i can fix that any answers

February 2012
hi my vauhall astra radio when it turns on shows the number 4 after the word safe, and four blanks next to it, I am unbale to input the code at all, nothing else works?? what can I do

April 2010
the easiest way to do it hold powerbutton and as button 2geva then enter code if u do not have the code enter 0000 and it will say new code enter ur code then it will ask u 2 enter it again and thats ur code

carl dean
November 2009
Unbelievable response from the original poster. Not only unable to read or understand instructions, but pig ignorant too!

June 2008

May 2008
I would suggest that you reread the answer I gave and you will discover that this IS the comprehensive solution to your problem.( ie...Too many wrong codes has locked your BLAUPUNKT 300 ) If you don`t understand how to carry out those instructions then I would suggest taking it into a specialist. They DO work because I`ve done it myself , but you have to be patient !

May 2008
none of the above answers are anything like what I asked for if you do not know the answer do not reply

Ray Faccini
May 2008
Firstly , make sure that you have the CORRECT CODE. Then what you have to do is to start the Code Entry procedure by pressing a button (AS ?) plus the ON swith and leave it undisturbed until it unlocks, then enter the code , press the relevant button ( AS?) which should produce a beep and all should be OK. You may have to leave it for over 11 hours depending on how many wrong codes have been entered. (note: If your radio switches off automatically after an hour or so in the car, then it will have to be removed from the dashboard and set up on a workbench. Connect a battery + and - plus a speaker (to listen to the beep of the correct code) and leave it overnight. If it gets disturbed during this waiting period, then you will have to start again. This does work , but you have to be patient. Beware: The CAR300 has a separate display unit so if you do have to use the workbench method, (and enter the code "blind" ie without the display , then the first press of the button when entering a code changes the display from -(dash) to 0 (zero) a code of 1030 equates to pressing each button with an extra push.This means 1030 translates to .2141 "pushes "

May 2008


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