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How do I fix the cluth on my Dyson DC04?

Is it necessary to send your Dyson to the manufacturer (they say they don't have an engineer in the locality to repair on site or can you replace the cluth on a Dyson DC04 yourself? How do you get at the clutch?

July 2004
To remove the clutch from a dco4
1. Remove brush cover and then the roller. It will come out even if you do skin your knuckles.
2. Remove the cover of the brush control. Insert a small screwdriver under the indicator mark and release the catch. Do the same 180 degrees around the knob from underneath the machine.
3. Remove the wheels to give you more room. Unclip one of the hubcaps with a screwdriver and release holding clip and remove.
4. Next remove the black cover of the clutch and belts. There are 3 holding screws. Two are obvious and the third you have to get at through an already made hole in the casing nearest to the bottom edge. Then prise the casing out by inserting a larger screwdriver behind the casing were you took the third screw from. Don’t be faint hearted it will come out without breaking.
5. Unhitch belt from the main motor
6. Prise clutch assembly out with suitable tool it is now only press fitted in place.
7. Do NOT try to disassemble the clutch as one web site suggests at stage two

February 2005
goto this page - it has full instructions and pictures to explain each step in great detail

J Fox
September 2004
I am in the process of changing the drive belt on my dyson 04
the clutch complete cost £15 approx belt £1.25 so will let you know. have stripped down to clutch - just working out how to remove. Reg

Eur Ing Reg
July 2004


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