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mending my Sony Ericsson K800i?

My mobile phone keeps saying no network coverage, then sometimes it will have a signal and it very confussing. The problem started when i was at work and i dropped it off a ladder so i just want some edvise on it really. It can't be o2 cause i know people near me are on the same network and there mbile phone is fine. So hopfully u can help me.

Thanks, Alex spencer

Alex Spencer
April 2008
I have got on my k800i the white screen of death can you help

James Stevenson
January 2010
When I try to open my games and apps its say opreation failed

How can I fix the phone?

October 2008
The problem is your phone and it sound like a problem with the power amp.
The power amp is the chip inside the phone that controls the RF/TX.
I wouldn't suggest you take the repairs in your own hands as this chip is really delicate and if you don't know how to, consequences are your phone will became useless.
Take it to your local phone repair guy and let him carry out the repairs. if you are local

April 2008


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