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How do i bleed my oil burner!?

I have a boulter boilers camray 2 oil burner, i ran out of oil and have replaced it, its been 2 weeks since i had any oil, can someone possibly tell me how i can clear the air lock??

kathyrn down
January 2008
hi i also need help to bleed through the oil on my burner we have a camray 2, i have tried doing what you are saying but am so worried that i have the wrong bit, is the pipe on the inside of the boiler or on the left outside? thanks

May 2013
There should be a brass coloured pipe with a Allan key hold end. Remove the nipple using the Allan key, place a empty bottle over the end and press the red reset button. Oil will squirt into the bottle and the pump will stop again. Press the red reset button two to three more times filling up the bottle. Tighten the nipple back up with the allan keys and press the red reset button once again and the boiler should start without cutting out again. You can reuse the oil in the bottle by poring it back into your tank.

July 2012
just for every body out there this is the 100% way of doing it and it also services your system at the same time.
1. close the valve tank end
2. undo pipe
3. take bottom filter housing off and clean
4. turn valve on to purge all remaining silt out then off
5. remove oil inlet pipe from burner unit put in a bottle of water and using bike pump, pump from tank end until oil runs clear( this will clear out any silt)
6. replace oil inlet pipe to burner unit
7. undo bleed nut and pump bike pump until oil flows freely, then tighten up.
8. remove bike pump attach pipe at tank end again.
9. open tank valve pull oil height valve as this will allow air trapped tank end to escape.
10. crack off bleed nut, start burner when it starts to rumble after 10 secs tighten nut and hey presto it will fire

matt the oil running out vetran
March 2010
On the left hand side of my Camray 2 is the fuel pump. To the front of that is a screw (to do with the pressure, do not touch) and below that is a nut which you need to slacken off. When you try to fire the boiler the pump will kick in and oil will start to bubble from the nut. Keep firing the boiler until oil trickles from the nut (collect in a tub, I had a tea cup full before it worked). Tighten the nut afterwards.....
Hey presto - worked for me

January 2010
Brilliant - thank you. We were cold and we are now warm!!!!

February 2009
Close the oil flow valve at the tank.
Open the nearest joint to the tank - the one immediatley after the filter.
Open the oil flow valve to purge all air and any tank residue (gunge).
Close valve and reconnect the joint.
Disconnect joint where flexible oil feedpipe connects to underside of pump in the boiler.
Place open end of pipe into a bucket.
Open the oil flow valve at the tank.
When oil flows from open pipe and it is clear and bubble free close the oil flow valve at the tank.
Reconnect flexible oil feedpipe (be careful not to cross thread the nut) firmly.
Open the oil flow valve at the tank.
Check for any leaks.
Press the red reset button and the boiler should fire up. Good luck.

April 2008
Here's the normal routine.....close off oil flow valve, either at the tank or within the boiler casing itself. Then disconnect the oil feed supply to the burner, and let the pipe dangle into a container. Then, get someone to open the valve (if you can't reach it yourself), whilst you collect the running oil into the container. Let the fuel run until its bubble free, then connect the pipe back to the burner. Now, the oil pump should be self bleeding, but if the burner still won't start, see if you can open a bleed valve on the pump itself to let any air escape. Normally you can only do this when the burner is trying to start.

January 2008


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