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We have a Barcalounger recliner that is in need of repair?

We have a Barcalounger recliner that is in need of repair at the connection of the lower cushion springs to the frame fasteners on the wooden frame. The fasteners have broken at the wooden frame, leaving the springs disconnected.

January 2008
I now have the springs but I can't figure out where to attach them. Tried where I thought they had been but they did not work. Footrest still does not recline. Can anyone help?

February 2016
We also have a 7 or 8 year old leather Barcalounger from Macy's. 3 of 4 springs detached with broken clips. I followed advice on this website and placed sets of eye screws 3/4" apart into wood frame of chair. Drilled pilot hole and screwed in the heavy eye screws. Stretched and inserted each spring through the pair of eye screws and what do you know?!! My beautiful chair is fixed. Thanks for the information on this save us $1200 for another chair!

M Ryan
January 2014
Did u ever find them? Same thing happened

Dan shedrick
August 2013
Not all footrest springs are the same. Be sure and measure them length of spring length of hook on both ends and diameter

April 2013
take it apart put it on the curb and hopefully some other sucker will pick it up.....what a piece of crap

Jim Jamieson
January 2013
The clips on my Barca Lounger also came out. Could not find anyone to fix it. I basically followed Tom's advice. The only difference is I drilled a hole through the base of the old clips and screwed the old clips into the wood base. I then used a small crowbar to stretch the springs.

August 2012
Our problem is with our 2 BarcaLounger mission style recliners we bought from Macys 5 years ago.They have no handles or just lean back and push yourself back using the arms. To close up, you sit forward and press your legs into the foot section to fold it up. The problem is with the chair back is so loose that it does not stay goes back very easily and then just folds back up on us instead of staying in the extended position. Both chairs do this and have been too lose from the start. Macys was no help, and BarcaLounger...forget it. I flipped them over, removed all the black fabric stapled over everything so that I could see the mechanism. Nothing appears broken but I cannot see any way to increase the tension on the lean back part. We are tired of tilting back and having the chairs just fold back up on us again. Anyone have any ideas?

Suzanne C.
May 2012
Barcalounger replacement springs for the footrest

4/16/12 - Contacted Darrell today. He still furnishes springs for the footrest mechanism. It takes two - one on each side. He is a machinist and makes them out of stainless steel. $20.00 for the pair plus shipping. I could not get Barca to return a call. Company sold, bankrupt and nobody cares about customers. My chair was made in 2000. Thank you Darrell.

Magic Dragon
April 2012
I own a Furniture Medic franchise in Colorado. I stock and replace spring clips, as do many other Furniture Medic franchises around the country. Clips can sometimes be purchased from upholstery shops. The problem is not so much the clip, but the fact that manufacturers started using staples to apply them, instead of screws. I also do mechanism replacements, as well as mechanism repairs when replacements are no longer available. If I can get a replacement mechanism under warranty, I will do so, and simply charge the labor. Many furniture manufacturers and retailers recommend Furniture Medic for such repairs. Just go to, and search for your nearest Furniture Medic.

Furniture Medic by Randy Buchter
January 2012
Thanks Tom (March 2011). We have two six year old leather barcaloungers - both with broken clips. We used the eye screws and they are both like new.

September 2011
I'm looking for answers. We have 2 Barkalounger leather power recliners with the same seat spring clip failure referenced here. In our case, the power mechanism twisted several of the springs into shapes that don't resemble the original configuration. Right now we are going to donate them to a charity in hopes that someone there can restore them to usable condition.

Dave in FL
August 2011
I also had two broken forward seat support spring clips. used the eye bolt solution suggested by Tom in his response. I actually used two eye bolts per spring about 3/4" apart leaving enough room between them to be able to tighten each one without hitting the head/eye of the other. Worked great. Thanks Tom! And yes, a bit of muscle is required--had to get the wife to hold the chair down to keep the chair from lifting off the floor while I muscled the springs through the eyes of the eye bolts. Fixing the clip problem also "fixed" the problem I had with the recliner not staying in the upright position. There must be an interaction there that is beyond me, but hey, I'm not complaining . . .

July 2011
Darrell. Are the springs universal? We have a old barcalounger 10years and on one of them the spring or something seems to be gone...the chair reclines without problem but it is a struggle to get it to go back to upright.

March 2011
I have the springs for the footrest, they are 4 inches long over all and 3/4 inch in diameter the hook on one end is 1/2 inch long and the hook on the other end is 1 1/2 inches long. They are available , call 925-200-1964 Darrell

March 2011
Barcalounger is out of business, however the spring for the footrest is avaiable for $10.00 call Darrell 925-200-1964.

January 2011
I have a supply of the springs with the long end that mounts to the frame for the foot rest. I purchased a supply from Barcalounger before they went out of business. $10.00 each plus mailing. Darrell 925-200-1964

January 2011
Is Barcalounger bankrupt?

December 2010
we have a barcolounger super sagless recliner 1999 style # 709703 poll# p999-99 hardware # 996-4 the handle attachment is broke and i need a new handle and the attachment that has the 2 holes that you screw into the inside of the chair the attachment is about 4 to 5 inches long what can i do

chris rokas
September 2010
My clips broke and I just used some heavy duty eye screws (about two dollars from your local hardware store) to replace the clips.Can't believe barcalounger used such an inferior metal clip considering the price of the chair. Anyway, just drill a pilot hole in the edge of the wood frame member, screw in the eye screw, and then slip the end of the spring through the eye in the eye screw. Takes a bit of strength to do this but can be done. Worked fine on my chair and have had no more problems.

March 2010
We have had the same issue with our Barcalounger. Broken clips and the supporting springs popping out and around through the back of the chair. I went back to the store and was told that they don't have any idea who can fix it -- I'm willing to pay someone, (salesman didn't say it was warranteed for a lifetime.) as we spent $1100 on this leather chair. If Toyota can recall 9 million cars, do you think that Barcalounger could take responsibility for an obvious design defect?

Cindy Parsons
February 2010
Exact same problem with the spring clips. Some came apart from the frame and some just plain shattered. I'll try to order the clips from a dealer and pay for them as the "lifetime warranty" appears to be a joke.
Procedure for Claim
Any defect covered by this warranty that is reported to the BarcaLounger Dealer during the first year from the date of purchase will be repaired at the expense of BarcaLounger Corporation, except for the cost of packing and shipping to and from the factory or designated repair station. After one year from the date of purchase, the consumer will be responsible for all repair labor and shipping costs of parts. If return to the factory or designated repair station is necessary, all packing and shipping costs will be responsibility of

February 2010
We have two recliners which were purchased in 2002. Both frames have had to be fixed by my husband and now the reclining handle totally broke off the rocker. The spring clips for us have actually been Ok. If it were not for the nice leather we would ditch them. I am so disappointed in these after spending $879 and $859. Will not buy a BarcaLounger again. We are looking for a replacement piece of metal so my husband can do his magic again. The footrest part on the rocker has been very hard to put down for over three years. I do not sit in them anymore.

I just called the store in KY where we bought them...we live in Northern IN. Made the trip to buy them and again to pick them up. They are trying to work their magic...we will see who has the power and who does not.

January 2010
So I'm not alone! Our chair was purchased in April of 2006 and hit the dirt in Nov. of 2009. Have contacted the store we purchased it from 5 times and continue to get the runaround about the part. They didn't even suggest someone to fix it. Had a lane recliner before this that lasted a good 15 years. I will never purchase another barcalounger!

Doris Perkins
January 2010
You just have to call the furniture store you bought it from, and they will order it for you. They'll have someone who can install it for you if you want them to as well. Barcalounger only deals with the public through their distributors, which are the furniture retailers. However, I thought my barcalounger would be well made and hold up as well. What a joke--I've never had this much trouble with a recliner by any manufacturer. My clips broke, just like yours. And my reclining mechanism has been going south for years now, and finally broke recently. And now the repairman says the wooden frame is broken as well. I'm very disappointed with the quality, especially considering what I paid. And their warranty is a joke. They will replace these parts for "free", and you just pay shipping. Well, shipping for 1 reclining mechanism will cost you $75. Free, my a55. I'm paying for that part 3 times, and the shipping too at that price. Wonder what the frame is gonna cost me?

January 2010
I have a spring with a broken clip also. Is it normal that the loose spring curls back down and around? At first I thought it was supposed to be attached to the bottom somewhere, but then saw the broken clip on the front board of the frame under the seat. I cannot find any contact info for contacting Barcolounger directly on their website, just a referral to the dealer. Does anyone know of a phone number for the company?

September 2009
I have a barcolounger that the spring that helps it recline is is about 10 yrs old but I love it and the color...I live in manchester vermont...can you find someone that can repair it...

June 2009
The same thing happened to one of my two Barcalounger chairs. Three of the four springs broke off the wooden frame of the chair. It looks like the metal clips broke. These chairs are seldom used and never abused. Was there a response from Barcalounger on this problem?

March 2009
This is Kenneth again. By the way, please send answer to the electronic box replacement parts to

November 2008
I have Barcaloungers and they are missing the electronic boxes. Does anyone know where to purchase replacement boxes.

November 2008
Our Barcalounger rocking recliner purchased in 2002 also had broken clips - support for seat just popped loose suddenly. One call to our dealer, Slater's of Modesto and Merced, California, and they picked up the chair, replaced the clips and delivered it back. NO CHARGE The dealer said some executive at the factory made a decision one year to save pennies on each clip by using weaker metal! They now have their own clips made for this type of repair. A very reliable dealer.

The Larsens
August 2008
I have the exact same problem (broken spring clips).

If you fixed it yourself, how did you maintain tension on the springs to align them while attaching new clips?

August 2008
You can order the parts through a local dealer. There is a listing of dealers by state on their website, If worse comes to worse you can purchase them directly from Barcalounger. A new set of spring clips runs about $20.00 and that is enough for the whole chair. They will ship them directly to your home or address requested. Under the chair should be a green and white sticker and that will provide all the info needed to process the order. I hope this info helps!!!!

July 2008

Did you find out how to repair your chair. My Barcalounger springs broke right at the clips ,..How do I fix it..

Please advise.


June 2008
I have the exact same problem with my Barcalounger. I bought this chair new in 2002, and about 2 years later the springs clips broke. I called the dept store I bought it from and complained, they send out a repair tech. Well, those same clips are broken again. This chair has not been abused, and I'm not a very heavy person, I think this is a design flaw. I'd like to know where to buy those clips, I'll fix it myself this time.

Please reply to



January 2008


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