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Goodmans ghc50 subwoofer keeps cutting out?

I have a goodmans GHC50 Surround sound system and every time i use it, the subwoofer keeps cutting out and comming back in.When i bang it the woofer comes on then goes off again.
I reckon its the relay but i need more help.

May 2005
Hi its sounds to me you have a Dry Joint on p.c.b !!! your best way round this is to unplug it from the mains remove the back and looks around the p.c.b for Dry Joint get out soldering Iron and solder all bits that look dry ... Good Luck !!!

November 2005
You're probably correct but i would also check my sub cables too. had somewhat the same problem until i found a 'short' in the rca cable that when disturbed caused the woofer to not woof!

October 2005

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