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how can i get a circuit diagram for my simpson riviara dishwasher ?

i am trying to find a circuit diagram for my simpson riviara dishwasher modle no:52-552-100 serial no:220256 i bought a new timmer and was told that it would fix the problem but after fitting it to my machine it is still doing the same thing it is stoping through the cycle and the dishes are not washing water is comming into the machine and pumping out of the machine but it is not washing but it dose rinse.

May 2005
If someone attempted a repair and replaced wiring in wrong places is the only reason you would have replicated problems by changing the timer with a new one... The heater and cut outs are not related to timer problems.... Forget the wiring diagram. Know your cycle and what happens through each phase. Remove your timer and trace wire for wire as each switch is activated and de-activated... Draw your own diagram and you will solve the problem. remember nothing is magic, and every great problem can be broken down to simple solutions... Be patient is the key and Best of luck.. Regards, DACARS (Domestic And Commercial Appliance Repair Specialists)

Eoin Kavanagh
October 2005
it could be quite a few things but I would sugest you check the heater and associated cut outs I don't hold out much hope of you getting a diagram or even if you got it that it would do you any good

May 2005

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