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how can i fix my hotpoint aquarius tl61p tumble dryer?

my tumble dryer is not heating up its just cold all the time i had it on in the morning went to town and when i came back it had tripped the socket switch in the fuse box and then it now blows out cold air not hot.

sharon miles
December 2007
sharon, your symptoms point to a fairly basic problem with tumble driers - element unserviceable.
have replaced one on mine, an age ago now and is not overly difficult, but the rear cover can be a pain to refit. spare elements do not come cheap (i think an average is £30), thus get someone to remove the cover and check if the elements glow when the tumble is turning. NEEDLESS TO SAY, BE CAREFUL AS THERE WILL BE 240v BEING EXPOSED.
the blown circuit breaker is of concern, have you connected another utility, (hoover/ iron) to the socket and did the circuit breaker trip?.
a quick check of the local paper for an electrician that does not charge a call out fee, is suggested from here.

best of luck, nigel

nigel thomas
December 2007


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