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How can I get an Emprex 32" HDTV fixed?

I need to have my 32" HDTV fixed. After only 5 mos it only has a picture for 10 mins. Then it goes fuzzy and turns off eventually. I have had no help so far contacting the company.
Can I get this fixed somehow?

December 2007
Ive had my tv for about two problems b4...recently when I turn it on its a black screen w only audio. Now I have to warm it up for about ten to 15 minutes b4 I get audio...any suggestions...


May 2012
i have the same problem bt i replaced new 1, i think these hd tv are not a gud quality for long term its only for 3,4 years.

sardar wasim
April 2011
hi guys,
i had the exact same probles as most above. The FIRST time that happend I took it to the tvrepair shop, and the fixed for about $60(dont remember the exact price) it workedd for about year and half. figured it wasnt worth taking to the shop again opened it up and tried to fix it myself. I AM NOT ELECTRONICS SAVY. but figured what the hell. i suspected it it was the power supply problem all along, and when i opened it up my hanch was the the problem could have been the electric capacitors. looked up on line how "bad" capacitors look-like and how to change them. than looked for any capacitors that were remotly close to what a bad capacitor, went to local electeonic shop bought what i needed including soldering tools and replaced all capacitors dimed unworthy. one problem though the capacitors were not the same size and dint fit properly but didnt bothered me. at the moment of truth when i turned the tv back on it WORKED.

here is kicker though; when i unscrewed the back plastic cover and the metal cover the one thats under plastic and also used to hold the tv's stand, i accedently misplaced the metal cover.

so i ask you, if you decide that its not worth fixing your tv can i somehow obtain that metal cover from you. will pay for shipment. Thanks good luck hope this helps.

July 2010
my emprex 32 HD TV is only 4 years old and it has a black line it and split the screen in half so is there any one that can help me no tv repair shop will work on emprex

maggie perry
January 2010
I have same problem with my 32" model HD3201. It made some noises and went black screen of death, no sound, no picture.
Called- no answer, sent email to Emprex twice- no answer.
Am looking for a repair shop in Houston Texas.
Anyone knows any names, please advise.
Michael, desparate Houston.

December 2008
I have the same problem (sort of). Mine is down for 2 months now and I don't know what to do with it. It looks like a power supply but I do not know where to get one and I read horror stories about emprex repairs. So if someone knows where or how I can get it fix, I would appreciate it.

December 2007


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