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Mend > Washing Machines

Question - mend, repair, fix

My lg washing machine flashig error code OE?

My LG washing Machie is flashig error code OE can anyone help

Mike Sweat
August 2007

There is more help available. Mend - machine, code, oe

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Fantastic input to all ! Opened the lower left trap door that I never knew existed. After the huge gush of water drained, I removed the filter and found a 15 hair fur ball and shoulder padding from a ladies jacket stuffed in the filter. Cleaned it out. Cleaned up the mess from the flood of water and now everything is back to normal. Thanks to all for your fabulous input ! Caveat, prepare for a flood of water from the tub if the washer is full !!!!

June 2016

I have a LG Tromm WM 1832 CW When it gets to the rinse cycle it won't drain. It shows error OE. We have put a new pump on and still shows EO. What could be the problem

July 2015

Got an 0E error on my LG WM2487HRMA washer and it would not drain. Cleaned the filter and ran water through all the drain pipes and found them to be slightly clogged so I cleared the clogs out.

Still got the error so I removed the drain pump. The pump looked fine and not gunked up but when I pulled the impeller off I saw the magnet on the impeller shaft had a half inch piece cracked off. Ordered a replacement pump.

February 2015

Cleaned the filter which was totally clogged. Error went away. Thanks for directions below. Glad I did not have to muck with the motor, etc.

Mr. O.
October 2014

Our LG WM2010C filter drain tube (next to the clean out, lower left front access panel) was completely plugged with sand. After using a plastic Zip Tie to augur out sand by twisting it farther into the tube and removing the sand, and squeezing the tube with pliers a little to break up/soften the packed sand, eventually the sand got wetter as it got closer to the backup up water. After a while of this, I was able to blow on the black rubber tube, and it broke air through the sand. I got a sip of water and then forced water into the tube, and it flowed back out into the main drain basket port. I didn't know where the black rubber drain tube went at first, but it seems it's just the overflow from the drain basket, and not going feet back into the washer somewhere. So now the drain tube is free and clear again.

March 2014

my lg washing machine is showing oe we have emtied the filter and drainage pipe under the machine found 2 fifty pence 2 ten pence and a key!! but it still won't drain out or spin what can we do next

Lynn Knowles
January 2014

Anyone have good instructions for how to get to the pump in order to clean it? The instructions with the machine only seem to give me very limited access.

June 2013

I know what the problem is, I washed my sons pants after fishing and my small hose is completely impacted with sand. Do I have to replace the hose? How would I get the hose off to clean it? I am a single woman and not that handy.

January 2013

My washing machine would not spin, would not drain, and displayed OE.

Drained it out manually, but water would not drain from drum,cleaned the filter at the front, still same problem.

Stripped the machine down, checked both pumps, pumps looked and rotated the same.

checked the rubber connection betweem pump and drum and found a sock blocking the pipe (water drain pipe).

re-assembled - problem fixed

Faisal Iqbal
December 2012

right listen up reckon this can help,how many of you have cleaned BOTH pumps and even when you have cleaned them check to to see if there is play on the paddles/impellers if so bin them,my machine is like new and my marriage is sweet!!! took me a little time to work it out but there are two pumps honest

November 2011

ok so ive done all the cleaning of pumps and filters and still every 3 washers oe message , turn off machine out on a spin and it works .. could this be a programme fault ?

October 2011

i'm having problems with lg pump impeller falling off. No debris in pump. I removed pump and took apart by removing 3 screws to find impeller no longer attached to shaft. pump shaft has an o-ring that sits in a groove on inside of impeller and groove and o-ring look great. I 'snap' it back on and can hold pump by the impeller without it falling off, yet, machine will only drain for 10 to 20 minutes before impeller detaches from shaft. Is there any way to keep the impeller from seperating from the shaft without simply buying a whole new motor?

D. Digler
September 2011

My problem ended up being powdered detergent "sludge" clogging the drain hose between the tub and the pump. I removed the hose, which is about 2" diameter from the pump, the tub, and another connection and rinsed it clean. There was also a lot of the same sludge in the bottom of the tub when i reached my fingers in there. Put it back together, and it worked!

July 2011

Shoot! I checked all the hoses, the filter, the impeller. There wasn't anything left to check so I figured the pump went out. Ordered a new pump. Just installed it and it did not help.

Any other ideas? Please?

No $ for repairman
July 2011

Thank you! This helped alot. One would think this would be pointed out by the installer. The door is at the front of the washer. I would suggest clearing it after every wash day pretty much like you would a dryer vent. This would fall under preventative maintenance. These machines can be so tempermental.

April 2011

Where is impeller exactly located. I have the LG front load with drain filter on bottom left of washing machine.

March 2011

Opened the drain basket on the bottom & cleaned out some small coins but still did not drain. Turned it on its side & took off the rubber pipes to the pump & found two 20c coins blocked in the pump. After removing them it worked as normal!! Yipeeeeeee

January 2011

I just unplugged the pump today by blowing backward on the drain hose as hard as I could.

January 2011

All the information was very helpful to me. I just cleaned out my drain filter and it was full of lint, a hair rubber band and a penny. Now my washer is working perfectly. I'm so happy I found this forum. :)

December 2010

Oh I wish mine was as easy as these. Mine used to OE when the filter was blocked/full of fluff etc. Then it started to do it all the time. (2 months after teh 5yr warrenty ran out). Lots of the pipes were full of gunk, cleaned them - same. Have just spent 70quid on a new pump - still failed with OE. run out of ideas now. Looks like the mrs will get her own way and we will buy a new one.

Ray (UK)
September 2010

used all the information on this site and have got my machine going again yay!! there was a small drill bit stuck in the bottom pump!. thanks for the tips. xx

August 2010

i have removed the pump twice out of my LG washer/dryer. The first time, cotton lint had balled itself up and blocked the impeller. the second time the impellers were clear, but after closer inspection i found that the impeller assembly was easily removed! just behind the impeller there is a collar that can be separated from the pump. it is held in by the magnets of the motor. i found TONS of gunk behind the impeller.... check it out!

James Dunn
April 2010

Thanks for all suggestions.
Angled mine over removed the 3 screws securing the pump and found a cadbury cream egg metal foil wrapper wedged in my pump.

April 2010

my Lg washer filter was clogged with all kinds of things. Mostly lint. After cleaning the filter it is working great.

February 2010

Had the same issue today. Drained the water from the pipe in the lower front. Twisted open the filter next to it and cleaned it. It works just fine after the effort.

February 2010

I also flipped it on it's side, took the pump apart and found a single dime. Everything works great now.

Thank you!

William - Toronto
January 2010


January 2010

Ty very much!! It was a "Clean and straighten the drain hose" solution. My machine works perfect now.I use a thin piece of metal which help me pull out many little things that were blocking the hose.

October 2009

Having the same trouble with my machine, tried draining it, flushing it through with water and everything i could think of but it kept saying OE error, drainage problem.

So l took John's and advice just did the same thing, turned the machine on it's side. Took the pump out, undid the 3 screws and found a piece of Aero wrapper and a penny inside. Put it all back together and everything is Kool 'n' the gang.

Ian Dando
September 2009

This was very helpfull. My pump had one of my daughters hair clips in it. I have removed it and washing machine is working perfectly.

April 2009

From an LG Manual:

OE : Drain Hose is Kinked or clogged or The Drain Filter is clogged - Clean and straighten the drain hose / clean the drain filter.


My LG1372 FHB has the same fault and it isn't blocked - am looking at the pump next!!

- checked the hoses (drain hose) and the pump filter but it didn't cure the problem.

So i turned the damned thing upside down and stripped the pump out of it - sure enough there was a piece of cotton cord wrapped around the impellor - remove it and everything is OK!!

Cheers John

John Evans
April 2008

oe means drain error (outlet error)
Poss causes:
drain hose kinked,
filter blocked,
pump impellor blocked.

August 2007

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