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Bosch al3640 charger not charging.?

Hi all, I have a 36v drill and use the al3640 charger to charge. As soon as the charger is plugged in and power turned on the green and red light alternate flashing and clicking (assuming relay) as the lights alternate, it doesn't stop and plugging a battery in does not change the flashing, so looking to see what has gone inside so I can replace the bit. Thanks for any help. It's my second charger so hoping not to make it to a 3rd.

Terry jones
January 2020

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I think as the previous contributor suggests, you'll struggle changing surface mount components.

Old fashioned thru-hole stuff is bigger and easier

Surface mount is tiny and awkward unless you have proper rework tools - and I ain't talking about just having a small soldering iron.

Check out typical stuff here:

How sure are you that it's not the battery

January 2020

It's a few years old now, but hasn't had much use as the drill has been in retirement for a bit. Ghsjs I've carried out plenty of multimeter work during boiler repairs so I'm comfortable testing, nd a can solder too, not the best soldering but it does the job. So looking to see if anyone has repaired similar, so I can unsolder a part to test, rather than clutching at straws. Cheers. Terry jones

Terry jones
January 2020

Have you even tried to work on a board full of surface mount components?

January 2020

If it's new, or nearly new, why not contact Bosch for a warranty repair/replacement?

January 2020

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