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Categories > Mend Kitchen Appliances, Dishwashers > Question
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Kitchen Appliances, Dishwashers (15893 other questions)
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Mend > Dishwashers

Question - mend, repair, fix

dishes cleaning?

mydishwasherkdw605116a bought on 12/2/19 performed fine for the first 8 months on auto wash then it started to leave it all dirty we used one of those cleanrs on it no good we then tried running it on intensive instead of auto better for aweek then same changed brand of dishwasher tablet to fairy platinum
was worse it didnt even wash out of holder all of the tablet
could you please send some one down to put it right or if its simple tell me what to do allow we have flushedit thro often
yoursb keith green 01323463080

KEITH albert green
December 2019

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Check the holes in the spray arms. You will probably find one or more are blocked. Sounds like the arm is not rotating which is what will happen if some holes get blocked. Make sure the dishes are scraped of all rubbish before stacking in the trays and also make sure the filters are in place.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
December 2019

See page 28

December 2019

You could check the strainer in the bottom is clear. The manual will show you how

December 2019

Your post takes a bit of reading without much if the necessary punctuation.

I really don't understand why you expect this site to provide service support for anything: it is just a forum.

If your machine is, as it appears, still in warranty, then just contact the retailer from whom you bought it.

And never put your contact details on a public forum. You are probably getting the nutter and criminal calls already.

Dr hiiyfc
December 2019

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the dish washer tried to empty but due to a kinck in empty pipe finished blowing house fuse pipe has been straitened and fuse reset left hand power light comes on threelights on left hand side come on for few seconds then go off there is no screen on this model for codes and nothing else works...

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Where is the NTC probe for my Baumatic BDW 45.1 dishwasher ?...

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The button is not staying clicked in, thus no power to the machine. Do I just need a replacement button at £2.50 or a complete electrical unit? If just the button is this easy to fix? If a replacement electrical unit where can this be purchased? Thanks...

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hed6612 drying?

Hello, our electric tripped and when I reset it our dishwasher won't move on to the drying cycle. All lights but no action lol. Any ideas. Also, if we are using dishwasher tablets do we still need to add salt, if so where please. Many thanks....

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how can i fix an e2 error on the necht wqp12-9319 dish washer?

hello i have an error, e2 on my necht wqp12-9319 dish washer and the base is full of water. please can you help...

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How can I fix my BEKO Slimline DE 2431 FG?

The dishwasher has black residue coming into the dishwasher, seemingly from the waste removal system. What do I need to do to fix this?...

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Can I fix an E4 error message?

Hi, I have a Teka (DW7 57 F1) dishwasher. it has started displaying an E4 error message. It first happened mid cycle and the cycle ended. now when we power it on we just get the e4 error....

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