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Categories > Mend D.I.Y, Toilets > Question
Q & As - mend, repair, fix d.i.y, toilets, flush, cistern, water, blocked, blockage, drain, smell, flushingNavigate to ...
D.I.Y, Toilets (2516 other questions)
Related questions - roca, toilet, buttons
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Mend > Toilets

Question - mend, repair, fix

My roca toilet buttons ?

The buttons when finished filling keep popping up too high

December 2019

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

There are several versions of toilet push buttons, so this may not apply to yours. I'm making the assumtion that the push buttons are on the ceramic cistern lid? This being the case you can either simply lift the lid off and the button will come away still attached to the lid or the lid won't easily lift off and is held down by the button. If the button is holding the lid down, you will need to grip the outer rim of the button housing and unscrew it counter-clockwise until it comes away. Either way you will probably find two threaded plastic prongs that are attached to each button which make contact with the flush valve inside the toilet cistern. To stop the buttons rising too high, adjust these prongs by screwing them clockwise a few turns which has the effect of shortening them and solving your problem.

December 2019

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I have a Laufen flush and after we have flushed and ?

The water has stopped filling the systern, a little while later the water drops slightly and then fills up again.does anybody know why this may be happening. Although it only goes back in the toilet the noise it makes keeps waking us up....

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How do I fix link between handle and siphon In old howson cistern?

The toilet handle square extension is too short to align with rod in siphon..any linkage is pulling the rod at an angle and doesn't work...

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push button toilet over flows?

i have a toilet with duel push button flush. my problem is its not stopping once the tank as refilled. and is overflowing back into the toilet...

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how do i remove the lid on my VITRA toilet cistern?

vitra push button...

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cant find fuse?

I cant find the fuse in my Thetford toilet. I have looked in all the usual places but no fuse. has anybody any ideas. The motorhome is a Bailey Approach 2012. Thanks...

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How can I tighten a loose toilet seat?

I have a Roca Dama old model WC (approx. 10 years old), and the seat has become loose. I know the hinges are tightened with a allen key, but I cannot find any way to get to them. Can you help?...

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How do I get the top of the cistern off?

Bells vista how do I get the top of the cistern off...

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How can I sort out the flushing of my old Royal Doulton toilet?

The siphonic action on my old Royal Doulton toilet (probably installed in the late 1960s) has stopped working and the bowl overfills before slowly draining away. Disconnecting the cisterm I found that the donut washer (internal hole diameter 55mm) has disintegrated and needs replacing. Is it possi...

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Help wanted!
Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

May 2020

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