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sudden power loss when driving?

while driving I found no response when I press the accelerator pedal the car slowed down and I pulled over. Turned ignition car started. this happened three times in 3 miles. I then stopped for ten minutes and when I tried to start the engine the engine did not turn over all I heard was a click every time I turned the ignition Key. I got the Jump leads out and tried to Jump it off another car. Would not start just clicking. It was raining at the time so I decided to look at it the next day. When I switched on the next day it came up with a message, "now in economy mode" Turned the key and car started and drove home . Has any one any Ideas this is not the first time

July 2019

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Thanks for responding
I looked on my OBD2 and No codes. My car is a citroen piccaso xsara, 2006 1.6 diesel. I will google for common faults on my car.
I drove the car today no problems but I know it will happen again when I least want it.

July 2019

Get the codes read for starters
You didn't bother to say the exact make, model and year if your car
We'll need that before anyone can do a G##gle search (which YOU could do anyway) and see if there are common faults with those symptoms and fault codes, for that particular make and model.
With luck you should be able to find an enthusiast forum for your particular car, which may prove more fruitful than here.
Of course, that assumes you are prepared to do the legwork.

July 2019

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I have a Renault Megane Dynamique Convertible 2004 2ltr. When I was closing the roof the other day, I foolishly tried to close the drivers side window at the same time. The window got to a couple of inches from the top and stopped. Ever since then, the window opens and closes normally, but still sto...

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Slipping and sliding in car passenger seat?

Whenever my husband is obliged to apply the brakes suddenly when driving the car, I shoot forward in the passenger seat, causing a whiplash like pain in my lower back. Tightening the seat belt doesn't help. Is there any solution? Or should I just take the bus? Thanks....

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air bag light?

i have a 2013 fiesta the air bag light comes on then goes off about 10 seconds later comes on and stays on. i have checked wiring under both seats connections into air bags. i have had the code reset by a garage but comes straight back on no error codes showing any help please...

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how do i brighten the display ?

My multi function display light is really low , all the bulbs are ok is there a way to turn the brightness up on the display ?...

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Peugeot 206 Petrol 2009 Look?

Oil indicator on dash flashing max, F. Handbook saying too much oil but I haven't put any in for ages? So is it faulty censor or is there water in oil, l am a woman so not very good with cars!!...

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how can i fix central locking on Vauxhall Zafira?

Vauxhall Zafira's central locking not working with the key fob new batteries in both keys drivers door locks with the key but the rest of the car remains unlocked can you help please...

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Ford KA 1.3 Climate Zetec 2007?

Heater blows hot air. I have changed the valve under the wipers which did not help. I decided to change the control unit inside the car with the variable resister, this fixed the problem for a whole five minutes I moved the control from hot to cold and back and got the result I wanted and then it st...

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drivers footwell leak?

usual drivers footwell leak seems to be dry at top of carpet where clutch and brake pedal are but soaking in footwell had servo gasket sealed seal on door fine any ideas...

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Help wanted!
I used WD40 as many suggested and it worked like magic!

May 2019

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