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dash camera?

I have dash cam and it takes standard sized sd cards or micro in carrier.
I've used both types in my camera, tried them in dash cam the message comes on dashcam screen NO CARD why? Tried all types. SD HC etc.
Thanks in anticipation.

April 2018

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Gdgeheu. Thanks.
Its Tesco own brand not from bacon counter but from their fuel Station. Information just says SD card not included nothing on formatting card in very spars instructions.
Pressing buttons to see what the do seems Tesco order of the day. Found in menu format card so hit the ok button assumed it did but still got message NO CARD. TESCO as helpfull as chocolate teapot just like the hudl help.
Any way tried fresh new unused 16gb Card FROM TESCO COMP SHELF and did not have to format, it started straight away, LIKLY auto formats new cards

Tried my dashcam PRESTIGIO micro card in holder and that worked.

I assume now dash cams do not recognize any card used in anything other than a dash cam.
Job done up and working. Yes should have put make ' Tesco' but many wouldn't believe it.

Bob uk
April 2018

Possibly because the dashcam is expecting the card to be formatted in a specific way.

Unfortunately, all we know about your dashcam is that it is a "dashcam" - ,no make or model, so it's up to you to find the manual and check how the card should be formatted. Possible candidates are FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc.

April 2018

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