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Bosch clascixx filter pump won't unscrew?

My Bosch classixx washing machine is leaking from the bottom and been told to check filter but problem is I can unscrew the filter how can I sort this.

January 2018

Need to mend your Bosch Classixx washing machine?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

If the filter won't unscrew it is probably so choked up with rubbish that the rubbish is catching on something and stopping it from turning. If it was me I would tip machine back against wall, get under and remove the pump from the other side. Not an easy job for a novice. Either that or force the filter and break it. Then buy a new filter and clean it out more often. Are you sure that the filter is leaking. Have you actually looked and found the source of the leak (where the water starts from)If you can't actually see it leak, I would leave it alone for now and look elsewhere. Sometimes it is a small spit or pin hole in the rubber door seal.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
January 2018

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Bosch 1400 classixx 6?

I think I turned machine off just before it finished now shows a zero, flashing key, start button flashing and finish alarm beeping. when try a wash cycle goes to flashing 135 then all of above....

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How can I fix a problem on Bosch Classixx 6 1400 express washing machine?

I have gone to put the machine on a 40 wash - intially it flashes 130 ( should be 114 for a 40 wash). There is a key symbol flashing on the top left of the display. The machine will not go into wash mode. I have pushed the door to ensure it is closed....

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removing front panel of boschclassixx 7 washer?

bosch classixx 7 washing machine, I need to clean the filter but it is stuck so I can't unscrew it. Very helpful reply on the site advising I remove the front panel but this is held on with a peculiar screw which does not have a flat, philips or allen key head on it - any suggestions?...

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Washing machine flashing f21?

Bosch classixx washing machine won't start and it is flashing f21...

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Fabric conditioner tray not empting?

I have a Bosch classixx 6 1200 express washing machine, all working ok except the fabric conditioner tray is still full when wash cycle is finished, use to be intermittent....

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Bosch classixx 1200 can't turn plastic bung to unblock filter?

We are following your instructions to unblock the filter, I have drained the water, but we have trouble trying to unlock the bung. We are turning it anti clockwise as you say but it is not budging. What do you suggest?...

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bosch classixx 1400?

the fabric softner compartment is not emptying...

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Bosch Classixx 1400 express?

how to remove electric motor...

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