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Question - mend, repair, fix

Having replaced inner glass panel having trouble fitting front panel?

Bosch Combination Oven HBC 84K 520B /05
Followed guidelines given on this site but am finding it impossible to replace outer front panel the one with the handle on. I have two complicated mould ings and two large screws with plastic heads left over.
Cannot find anywhere to screw them in. Any ideas gratefully received.

December 2017

Need to mend your Bosch microwave?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

The two screws with plastic heads fit at the top of the door between the rear panel and the middle panel. They screw into the front panel through the middle panel and the screw head pokes into the rear panel so you can tiurn it from there.
I worked it out eventually!
My problem was that there were two weeks to forget between taking the door to bits and fitting it up again because I did not have the sense to buy a new seal ring at the same time as the replacement glass panel.

December 2017

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How to change bulb of integrated Bosh Microwave HBC86Q620B ? ?

Hi, The light bulb on my integrated Bosch microwave HBC86Q620B has died and am unable to see where to change the bulb. Can anyone help / point me to an online how to guide ? Thanks...

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How to fix Bosch HBC84K550B Error code E8?

I replaced glass inner door, oven works but Microwave doesn't, after 3 seconds the Microwave stops and error code E8 flashes. Can this be reset/fixed? Many Thanks...

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crackling noise microwave/oven?

I have a Bosch microwave/oven the light comes on but there is no heat and it makes a loud crackling noise...the same thing happens even if I try to use the oven without switching on to microwave.....

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Error code E305 Bosch Microwave?

Error code E305 coming up on my microwave - not in manual. Any ideas please?...

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how do i fix error E011 on my Bosch micowave/ thermowave oven...

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Bosch HBC84K550B Microwave not working?

Hi, My Bosch HBC84K550B goes off after 3 seconds. I removed the round glass plate on the inside top of the oven and noticed the metal rotating thing does not move. Initially I though it might be the magnetron or door switches, but now I'm really not sure. Maybe it's the inverter? Any ideas Thank...

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Microwave cuts out?

My Bosch HBC84K550B oven/microwave, every time I attempt to use the microwave it runs for 3 seconds then cuts out, no error message noted in display panel, any suggestions....

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Bosch integrated Microwave oven no light panel and no microwave function?

Bosch integrated Microwave oven HBC84K5.1B to my dismay I couldn't nuke my food last night and then noticed that I had no light display of the clock and timing controls and no lights or start action on the microwave indicators. The oven still functions with the interior light. So there is power. ...

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Followed instructions. Machine is now working.

July 2020

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