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Veritas r8 bleeps ?

My Veritas r8 alarm has just started bleeping Are alarms sensitive to the cold as it mounted on a external wall in our down stairs cupboard.

November 2016

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am useless?who is the idiot who has not the brains to sort the panel?its telling you where the fault is but your too thick to realise ita first year student could do it :-) now go play with your dummy am fed up with your stupidity you will no more replys from me,dummy

December 2016

Useless pig

December 2016

hope your mummy tucks you in troll

December 2016

buy a will be a lot smarter than you.and prob have more manners

December 2016


December 2016

screwball,? really?listen dumkoff that panel identifies the fault with a series of bleebs,1 for this two for that so,dont ask questions of the pros on here if your just going to insult us,as the rest of the guys told you ,go buy a GOOD panel

December 2016


December 2016

how many bleeps is it making ?

December 2016

Your welcome

November 2016

Thanks for the honest answer

November 2016

Good quality alarms are not but your alarm however is one of the worst ever made so who knows? sorry it needs to be said don't rely on that junk to protect your house for too long. I would start by changing the backup battery in the panel for now.

Perhaps consider getting something decent in the future such as scantronic.

November 2016

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Veritas r8 ?

On the control pad no 6 when pressed sticking not bleeping when press, unable to set alarm. How can I change my code when I need to press no 6, to change my code to a new one. Can I get round this or do I need to by a new pad...

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Veritas R8 Alarm won't reset but beeps when using the external doors, pleas?

Last week we had a series of power cuts, the Veritas R8 alarm hasn't been used for a long time. When the power went off it kept beeping for 20 minutes then went off. Now the power is back on but it won't reset (the keypad is less responsive and doesn't do much). When we use the front or back door th...

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veritas r8 alarm as no power on control panal?

I have a veritas alarm and I don't have any power to my control panals...

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Can I change user code on a veritas R8 alarm pad?

Is it possible to change the user code on my Veritas R8 keypad...

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Texecom Alarm System.?

I have Texecom Veritas R8 Plus alarm keypad. This morning it kept beeping. I thought it was due to a possible power cut . But not so. I put in my code and pressed reset. The beeping has stopped but unset light now keeps flashing....

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How can I Part set my Texicom Veritas R8 control panel ?

My Veritas R8 alarm control panel is not allowing me to to " Part set" or " Omit" zones despite following correct instructions in guide book ....

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I have a flashing green light on my veritas r8 control panel?

This green light is flashing on both panel and box how can I sort it out coz I'm worried now I can't use the alarm ? It's a veritas R8 alarm...

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Why isn't the external sounder going off when the part set alarm goes off?

I have installed a veritas r8 alarm in a clients house with a PIR in the garage and 3 PIR's in the house. Everything is working fine on full set but when the alarm is part set for the garage PIR the external sounder (bell box) doesn't sound when triggered. How can I get it to work? The alarm in the ...

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Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

May 2020

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