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Q & As - mend, repair, fix kitchen appliances, freezers, fridge, freezer, fridge-freezer, fridge freezer, refrigerator, ice, cold, waterNavigate to ...
Kitchen Appliances, Freezers (4214 other questions)
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How can I fix the bad smell coming from my Fridge freezer?

I have a Daewoo American Style Fridge Freezer, FRSU20DCI. Two days ago I woke up to a bad smell that I thought was coming from my boiler. An engineer came this morning to check it out but said there was nothing wrong with the boiler or the central heating, he thought the smell was coming from the back of the fridge freezer. It does seem to be coming from there. What can be done to get rid of the bad smell coming from the back of my fridge freezer.

December 2015

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Also - sniff around the electrical sockets and light fittings in the room - with the passage of time electrical fittings deteriorate and give off a fishy smell (aliphatic amines) - time and heat are the causes.

If the wall socket or the plug has a bad connection heat will be generated which will cause a problem like you report.

If it's fishy then it will be electrical - if it's bad eggs then a fridge hygiene issue as below...

Good Luck....
December 2015

Get round the back. Look at the compressor, on top of which there is probably an evaporation tray. This catches condensation from inside the fridge / freezer and the heat from the compressor evaporates it.

There is probably food residue found its way down the condensate drain path and into the tray.

Clean the drain tube and the tray.

December 2015

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daewoo water pipe replacement?

Hi all I have a Daewoo American style fridge freezer and the water supply pipe has broken where it enters the freezer door at the front , does anybody know how to remove the panelling to replace the broken pipe,thanks...

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I accidentally let the fridge door close and the rubber seal touched my arm. I found that the rubber seal was HOT to touch. After checking the freezer door seal it also was extremely hot. The centre divider is hot to touch from top to bottom, although the centre part is the hottest. The divider i...

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daewoo freezer leaking ?

my daewoo fridge freezer is leaking puddles of water from freezer door ? we have defrosted it but this has not worked any ideas ? where is the black rubber cap situated ?...

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Followed instructions. Machine is now working.

July 2020

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