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Delay alarm going off Citadel?

It's me again! I have a new problem now and I was wondering if you could help seen as you did last time.
When I set my alarm, the pir sensors in the rooms do pick you up so I know they are working. However, once the alarm has set, if I walk into a room the alarm does not go off until about 1hr 15 min later!! When it does eventually set off, it turns straight off when I key in my code and does show the correct room that I did go in earlier. The tamper light shows on the keyboard though. Any ideas!

December 2013

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

good for you e manno,you got a thank you

December 2013

Cool thnx for getting back to us :)

e manno
December 2013

I tried what you said and it worked!!!! Thank you ever so much!! I really appreciate your help again.

December 2013

IIRC the plus and G3 models have a programmable bell delay of up to 99 mins.

So if you have accidentally pressed the wrong buttons whilst in engineering??.

Just a thought :)

e manno
December 2013

Haha! Thanks very much for your advice. I will try that and get back to you :) :)

December 2013

We like our scantronic's Alex :)

Worth going into engineering and check the bell delay timer.

It's feature is mainly used on monitored systems.

See, bell delay active means no bells so the boys in blue respond and catch intruder in the act.Yeh right ... charge of the light brigade and heard a mile away.

Lazy feckers.

Worth checking it's easily done,

So once in engineering press 7 then 2 for bell delay then enter 00 that turns bell delay off then press reset twice.

e manno
December 2013

not being rude mate invest in a scantronic 9651 you wont go wrong

December 2013

Oh ok thanks!

December 2013

yes get rid of that panel its rubbish

December 2013

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Citadel xr2 constant alarm!!?

I have a citadel XR2, which I have replaced the backup battery, and now the alarm is constantly ringing both outside and at the keypad. The keypad will not take the code to turn the alarm off. I have checked the fuses with a tester and they are fine. is there anything else I can do, before the...

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On my remote keypad when you press the security code on the figure 1 you can hardly hear any sound, whereas the rest of the numbers are ok, any ideas...

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attack alarm?

How do I isolate attack alarm on citadel xri house alarm...

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Citadel xr alarm?

Hi can't stop the alarm ringing when we connect new battery,tried the code but it dosent seem to work. Please help....

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citadel xr2+ tamper mode?

I have a citadel xr2+ and am wanting to put it into tamper mode so that I can fit a new sensor without the alarm sounding continuously whilst I do this. Any idea? I've read the manual but cant seem to find the answer. I know its possible because an engineer has done this previously when fitting sens...

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citadel xr2?

i have a citadel xr2 alarm and chirps every one to two minutes. it sounds like a smoke alarm battery when it is getting low on power...

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does a citadel xri have two battery's?

Does a citadel xri have battery in the outside box?...

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Citadel xr2?

Blue light outside still on key board working but alarm dosen't work none of the room zones have a red light on , Help!...

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