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How can I fix error code 1328?

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop with XP that will not boot up.

When I switch on all that appears, within 5 seconds, is a dos screen with Loading PBR 2.......done and a flashing cursor which does not accept any keystrokes. I have accessed F12 at boot up and selected the diagnostics option. This tells me, at 86% overall progress, I have an error code OFOO:1328 Msg. Block 2560384 Timeout waiting for drive not busy.

Can this problem be resolved bearing in mind that I cannot access the computer!?

I have looked on the net and believe I have found information that indicates a hard disc problem! Should this be true can it be repaired, or, at the very least, can I retrieve all of my data?


Is the hard disc irrepairable, I have lost all my data and my laptop is no more?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

January 2012

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Your hard drive may not be dead... yet. BUT... If not dead, it's on the verge of dying.

It can't be repaired as it's probably an internal, controller, problem or a surface problem.
You can't swap another controller as it have been customised to that particiliar drive and another is not configured in exactly the same way.
If it's a surface problem, some data IS destroyed, hopefully, it's system and OS files that are gone, maybe not your datas.

Your only option is to do whatever you can to salvage your datas.

As your drive is about to die, try to go for the files you can't replace first. You are not sure if you have enough time to recover all your files.

You need to remove the drive from that computer and connect it as a secondary drive in another computer.

Have it recognised in that computer and, if it works, transfert all your data to another drive.
Copy all folders except the Windows and Programm files folders.
The best destination is a new, freshly formated, drive.

If that other computer can't recognise the drive, you can try with another computer. But if 2 computers fails to access the drive, it's very probably dead. Sory for your datas.

Alternative option:
If you can't move the drive to another computer.
Find any "Live CD" and use it to boot.
From that alternative OS, try to copy as much as your files to an external drive or another computer.

January 2012

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Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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