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Mend > Dishwashers

Question - mend, repair, fix

code e15 Bosch exxcel dishwasher?

Bosch exxcell dishwasher showing code e15

November 2011

There is more help available. Mend - code, e15, bosch
Need to mend your Bosch dishwasher?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I have a good fix for E15 error on integrated / built in machines where it’s not possible to tilt it. It has worked three times on our dishwasher but of course your model may have a different design.
Take the kitchen unit kickboard off and turn power off at socket to machine. Get an old towel and lay on the floor. Feel under the machine, to the centre LHS(if you were stood facing the dishwasher rather than enjoying time under it) if you feel around you will find a hole. Using a flat hand hit around the hole until you feel moisture coming out then keep going. Crawl out and switch power back on. If still not working repeat. Good luck.

April 2019

A surprising solution - a hairdryer.

I wasn't able to tilt the machine back (it's integrated and I'm renting the apartment), but I found a different and much easier solution, which worked just as well. The problem was water, so I dried the inside of the dishwasher (using the highest setting on the hairdryer), paying special attention to the drain in the centre, and a few minutes later, the error code was gone and machine worked fine!

I hope this helps someone else.

October 2017

I have an SMV50C Bosch dishwasher and the tap light started flashing continuously with the motor running every few minutes to empty water that wasn't there. Reset didn't work or powering off. It doesn't have a display so there was no E15 error but the behaviour seemed exactly the same as that described here. I tried the "gentle bash" method in various places across the base and after about 10 "bashes" it reset itself! Thanks to all who posted the advice here.

Shay C.
October 2017

thanks....gentle slap with hand following extracting as much water via the drain worked!

September 2017

I have had the same problem too. After reading the last post and after leaving it for a few days to dry out, I took out the filter inside the dishwasher and used a towel to soak up the excess water in there. I then put the dishwasher on a quick cycle to test it and, after a few gurgles it started and completed the cycle perfectly. Time will tell but I think I have just saved myself £95.00!

June 2017

We emptied the dishwasher. My wife screwed off the cap at the bottom and used a small shop vac to remove the water. The dishwasher came back on immediately. Then she ran white vinegar in the first load.

May 2017

This is obviously a common problem, that is made more difficult if you have a built-in unit. Without a messy uninstall, there is no way to tilt my dishwasher.

I, too, just tried the internal bash method, and it worked. I did find that I needed to find the right spot to whack. Once I hit it in the right spot, the dishwasher started to work.

Hitting a expensive appliance is not something I would recommend, but if you are desperate, give it a try.

April 2017

Just tried the gentle internal bash technique. Pleased to say that after 3 moderately hard, open palm whacks to the internal base. Error code 15 has gone..... For now.

April 2017

Having just cleaned out the water from the base of my SMS40C12GB/18 for the second time ( last time 16 months ago)Thought i would share my findings.

Obviously with the number of postings on various forum's, this is a re-occuring problem on these Bosch's.

On removal of the R/H side panel and the lifting of the insulation you can see where water and gunk has been dripping down into the base of the machine.
This is happening because the plastic base is warping from the heat where it joins the stainless steel cabinet.
Bosch service engineers have obviously had a lot of call-outs to this problem in that Bosch have fitted a seal strip to the 3 sides of the machine to get over the issue, only problem is because they clip onto theplastic base they also warp thus allowing water to seep through the distorted gap. Also on this R/H side they have bonded a piece of Heavy Duty polythene to the Stainless steel cabinet to direct the splashes of water to the underside thus avoiding any electric's.
Bye the way these sealing strips must have been an afterthought because they don't appear on their exploded diagram's for spares.

April 2017

Just to say a huge thanks for the "gentle internal bash" suggestion. My machine (only 2 years old) is also integrated and very difficult to remove. I was at my wits end and just on the point of calling out a Bosch engineer but then found this suggestion. Tried it with little hope of that dreaded e15 error disappearing - but it did and all's well. So THANK YOU to Caro and this forum.

March 2017

My dishwasher is integrated so I can't tilt it at all, but after several days of waiting for it to "dry out" I used my fist to bash the inside base (indeed I could have been getting quite upset at this point....) in the hope that some kind of movement might free up the sensor. So surprised to find that this worked and the machine magically turned on immediately. Thought I would share since I have spent hours online looking at E15 fault forums and noone suggested a gentle internal bash.....

February 2017

My dishwasher is integrated so I can't tilt it at all, but after several days of waiting for it to "dry out" I used my fist to bash the inside base (indeed I could have been getting quite upset at this point....) in the hope that some kind of movement might free up the sensor. So surprised to find that this worked and the machine magically turned on immediately. Thought I would share since I have spent hours online looking at E15 fault forums and noone suggested a gentle internal bash.....

February 2017

Thanks Murray & every one else. This fixed my error

December 2016

I found circulation cleaner that I use for the milking parlour worked

November 2016

i had a code E15 on a different bosch model. after reading above, i pulled the machine out, tipped it over on it's front, cleaned up a bunch of water that leaked out on the floor. i plugged it back it in and it worked. we will see how this is for the new few days though

October 2016

We had this problem for several weeks. The tilting method works fine but the error kept on coming back so I set out to trace the cause and it turned out to be a blocked overflow channel in the matrix (the heat exchanger). An engineer recommended a replacement at a cost of £90 but I decided to have a go at cleaning the channel out which is difficult as there is no easy way to get to it. I removed the matrix (instructions on YouTube - it's pretty easy) and I found that it was possible to pour hot soapy water into the channel through the outlet holes. There are 2 of these; you can plug one with a small ball or cork and pump the other quite vigorously with a syringe. This moves the water through the overflow valve. To loosen the deposits (it was mostly fat) I used a strong magnet to guide a small nail head through the channel and worked it up and down systematically. By alternating this with the syringe I managed to get it squeaky clean, refitted it and all is now well with my machine. It took about 3 hours, you have to be patient, but far better than another service call and 90 quid!

March 2016

The same happened to me when I opened the dishwasher door in mid washing. Some water probably spilled in the bottom part, where the "drowning" float is. The dishwasher thought it was a genuine leak, so Error E15 appeared with drain pump running.
The tilting-daining solutions are true, but I haven't had enough space to tilt my dishwasher, so I left it as it is, unplugged the electricity, and put a hair dryer in bottom front running in such a way, that it heated the front bottom part of the dishwasher. In this way the water inside dried out in about 2 hours, and the error was fixed. Works like a charm since then.
If you have a genuine leak the error will most probably reappear. In this case I suspect the best solution would be to call the local handy man, or the official service, if it is under warranty.

February 2016

For me, just wiggling it out from under the counter seemed to drain the pan, didn't even have to tilt.

December 2015

I had an E15 code. I just tipped it over on its front.
thank u very much it worked

December 2015

I followed the answer of Murray Nov 2011.
I tilted the machine on its front (very little water came out).
I opened the door where the pipes go in.
I took out the sensor, fiddled with it, and put it back.
Put all back together and all worked fine.

September 2015

Worked like a charm at first time, thank you very much

July 2015

As was suggested before, I turned off the power breaker to the unit and then pulled out my Bosch dishwasher that was displaying E 15 after removing all inside dish and utensil racks, disconnecting water supply, drain, and power cord. Then tilted it onto the front panel. Cleaned up the small amount of water that spilled out. Put unit back upright and reconnected water supply, drain and power. Unit with power had a blank display. Started up as normal when put in auto mode. Thanks for the solution.

June 2015

update. After disconnect main hose that drains machine, we were able to follow instructions given above. We did not have to mess with float even though we did tap the outer covering with a screwdriver a few times after tilting the machine toward the front while simultaneously pressing the off switch. Did not think it would work because Machine would not turn on until it was back in place and level, but it worked and no more leaking which was caused by a loose hose and no repairman is needed. Yay

December 2014

I have only had this dishwasher 2 months, this is ridiculous to have an error code already and we cannot tip it over. water hose not long enough so now that it is leaking on our wood floor. We had to turn off the water to the kitchen and no one can come out until thursday and it is Sunday

December 2014

E15 keeps coming up tilted it loads

December 2014

I just tipped it over on its front after switching power off and it went back to normal. There was no loose water except that which escaped after tipping it over.

November 2014

Worked perfectly first time!

September 2014

Thank you Murry, that saved a call-out.

December 2013

Had error code E15, unplugged machine, laid it on its front drained water on to towel, mopped it all up. Plugged it back in problem solved.

Pet & David
September 2013

I had an E15 code on my Bosch SHX68E15 dishwasher because I had a flood from a faulty coffee maker sitting above the dishwasher. The whole bottom of my unit was a plastic pan that collected the coffee. To clear the E15 code, I pulled the unit out, put a towel under the right side, tip it up on the right side and prop it up for an hour. The coffee was collected in the towel and that cleared the flood and therefore the error code.

Boilermaker Bill
September 2013

Caused by flood sensor at bottom of machine. Unplug machine and lie on front. Where hoses enter the machine at the Bottom there is a little hatch which unclips. It is big enough to get your hand through. On the machine bottom is a sensor which if you waggle will detach from the bottom. On the bottom is marble sized float. Press this in and out multiple times to free it up. You should hear a micro switch clicking as you do this. Push the assembly back into the push fitting at the bottom and hey presto the e15 error code and the water warning will have gone.
Hope his helps ... Be careful not to drop the float sensor into the machine before pressing it back in place.

November 2011

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Followed the instructions here and hey presto.

Apr 2019

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