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Need Manual?

If anyone out there has a manual for telephone model number5595 durabrand and would not mind could you please send it to me i would really appreciate it.

October 2011
Durabrand is a WallMart/ASDA Own Brand and so I would start with them.

As to the Amstrad phone, they will not work at all without s subscription to the Amstrad service. So you need to start there - Amstrad. (BTW, it is considered to be bad netiquette to high jack someone else's thread.)

February 2012
i need a manual for a amstrad email phone its a silver one with blue screen about 10yrs old but not used for 9 yrs as in spain now back in uk and forgot how to set it up thanks

bob warren
January 2012
If you don't get a FREE one - order one from here: Do a search for the make:

October 2011


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