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Question - mend, repair, fix

Hoover Vision HD 1400 8Kg Washing Machine; Flashing lights ?

Hoover (hotpoint) VHD 8142-80. (vision hd 1400 rpm 8Kg) washing machine. Domestic circuit breakers tripped during wash cycle (towards end of cycle, during drain). Upon restting CB's the machine now has flashing error codes. The start button light is continuously flashing and when pressed for more than a few seconds the timer saver, sensitive care and stain blaster lights are flashing continuously as well as the 30' light on the timer. Note: the delay start does not light at all. I have manually drained the system and cleaned out the debris from the access plug at the front of the machine but the same codes remain.

Can you help decipher whats going on? Can it be reset?

May 2010

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Just a note for all reading this, the flashing codes are just basic codes, 3 flashes indicates a drain issue, but it does not mean a faulty pump, this is the engineers answer.. In the long run, you could end up replacing the sensors, the motor and and the pump and still have same problems. The real cause of issues in this machine is it doesn't work well. Replacing the pcb board is actually the most usual issue and usually fixes everything else.

April 2013

Hi, machine starts, water enters then just stops and now the time saver light flashes and nothing else happens!

Many thanks

January 2013

Trimmer button flashes and 1400 spin also won't spin seens to have only done half the wash didn't use the conditioner

November 2012

New pump motor p/n: HVR 41018403

£30 with postage

Forget Hoover they are extorionists

July 2012

This fault seems to occur when the rather oversensitive filter in the pump is blocked and the machine can't drain. I've had mine for a few years now and whilst the machine is really solid and does a good job otherwise, the pump and filter are a real pain. Going to get mine replaced. Hoover will cover the cost of parts and repair for about £115.

December 2011

How much does this problem cost to get repaired ... was bought for £120 (secondhand) a month or so ago .. looked in immaculate condition and new ... door security light is flashing ... is it worth getting repaired .. am gutted :-(

November 2011

I don't know about the circuit breaker tripping fault, but pressing and holding the start/pause button for a second or two pauses the washing machine in what ever it is doing (flashing a fault code in your case). Pressing the start button again should return the machine to it's pre-pause state.

December 2010

my lights r flahing too whats wrong and how much will it cost

jamie kent
December 2010

manufacturing fault with machine , we had ours repaired 4 times in 1st year. man from comit said we will always have problems with this machine

June 2010

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Help wanted!
Thanks so much! Solved in one hour.

Feb 2019

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