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Mend > Dishwashers

Question - mend, repair, fix

Baumatic error code E4?

dishwasher is just over a year old (sods law) and getting error code E4 and pump running. I know its summat to do with flood protection but where do I start?

May 2006

There is more help available. Mend - baumatic, error, code, e4
Need to mend your Baumatic dishwasher?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

It worked. Bit of force needed to top of black plates but they did come off. Removed 1/2 a pan of water with sponge & paper towel and eureka back working

November 2017

Thank you everyone - I have just fixed my error code E4 on your advice. My husband will be so impressed haha!

November 2015

It works as described in this forum, my machine gave me error 4 and following the steps here, I resolved the issue.

The machine is up and running perfectly now.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!

Alfred Ignatius Ajayi
January 2015

i looked up for help solving an e4 error code on my dw13 dishwasher. thanks to the many problem solving remedies given on this website i followed there instructions and now have a perfectly working dishwasher again. the problem was solved in 10 minutes by plunging the hole inside the dishwasher where the filters are and after turning the power off i disconnected the 2 black plates at the front of the dishwasher (I HAVE AN INTERGRATED APPLIANCE YOU WILL FIND THESE PLATES BEHIND YOUR KICK BOARDS) just apply a little pressure on top of the plates and they will release easier.i bobbed the polystyrene float up and down using a screwdriver,dried up any water ,there was very little, and now bobs your uncle.
thanks to everyone who has made comments on this issue and it has saved many people money and inconvenience.

December 2014

I used toilet plunger removed silver drain and plastic circular filter filled drain up to the top with water, then carefully placed toilet plunger in hole , you will have to tuck plunger in as it's circumference is slightly bigger than hole and then push plunger hard and fast , be prepared to get some slash back , but this worked and is now back to usual .

Big Will
July 2014

It works indeed. Thank a million. Only some evaluation by my wife I still have been wailting.

Roman, Czech Republic
June 2014

Another successful E4 error fix!
Water was pouring out of the machine due to my son not emptying the filter for months. Baled out the inside of the machine and cleared the filters, then the E4 code came up and the machine wouldn't do anything. Googled 'Baumatic E4 error' which brought me here.
Took off the two black panels at the front - if you push down just inside the two tabs on the top of the panel, they pop out really easily - turned off the electricity (there was no way of finding where the power came from - crazy installation), mopped up inside the machine until the little polystyrene float was sitting back down on the bottom of the housing, and hey presto!
Happy days and no call out fee. Amazed to see this thread was started eight years ago!

March 2014

I found a dripping pump was the cause but using two fairy tablets instead of one could have caused the extra strain on the componant. Using too much detergant can cause over foaming putting strain on already weak parts.

Michael Naylor-Hodgkinson
January 2014

check out flow pipe is not blocked with gunge which causes water to back up and flood

January 2014

awesome thanks all, on my baumatic I took the black panels off the bottom at the front and just sponged up all the water sitting in the bottom

January 2014

The tipping the machine back trick on the Baumatic Suprema1W/SS worked for me too. Small amount of water deposited on the floor then error code 4 went away and machine working. (Another thing to look for on these machines is the metal catch under the top, that the door latch engages with, moving back - there's a screw to adjust it.)

December 2013

Thanks for your help, removed the covers mopped up water and now works fine.

October 2013

cheers gaz - did the trick for my 1631

April 2013

Just had the same code, dishwaser about 3/4 years old now. Did the same took the covers of got in there with some kitchen towel and all working as normal. Many thanks!

Paul Greenfield
February 2013

did as follows mobbed the water outta it quite a bit but where is it from? why was it there? then i turned on to test it worked stop f**king bleepin great showing mum and dad where i put cloth and guess what electric shock silly me .

January 2013

Worked for me too - just a couple of minutes with an old towel fixed it. Too early to tell if it's just a symptom of a worse problem, but many thanks to the original posters.

October 2012

I tried this fix but when I run the rise cycle it get the e4 error code again, I've checked the overflow tray again and it has more water in it
How does the water get in there in the first place ?
I have checked the filters and these are clean too
Any ideas ?

August 2012

Removing the black panels also worked on my Hotpoint BF1680, which is built in, but in such a way that I felt unable to remove/tip the water out.

Thank you very much!

August 2012

I took the filters out and mopped up any surplus water but that didn't make the code go away. So I took the black cover plates off. There was no water there. I put them back on, tested the machine and BINGO!!! it works now!!! So thanks to everyone who posted their helpful hints with E47 error code!!!

Danielle Wilson
June 2012

Took off the two black access panels at the bottom of the machine as suggested. However behind that is some sort of black plastic material.

Tried pushing it with a small amount of force but simply flexes.

Am i missing something?

April 2012

Follwed the instructions, easiest £80 I've ever saved.
hardest bit was ringing ut the sponge. Thanks a lot guys, excelent site now on favrorites

March 2012

Just had the E4 code on my machine, followed the instructions re:black panels etc and hey presto dried up the small amount of water, reset the polystyrene float and back up and working in less than 5mins! Thanks for the info.

February 2012

Excellent stuff, thanks everyone, I just had to do the same. Next time it will take all of 5 minutes now that I know what I'm doing.
Now all I need to do is find a solution to the pesky wheels falling off which hold the top tray in place................

September 2011

This just happened to me today - my own fault, I added more water to wash out the bottom, got the £4. Thought I'd broken it! I pulled it out, titled it backwards, floor prepared with towels and I just let it all run out... wasn't much, about half a bucket full... It's now on a wash! Yay.


June 2011

yep, all as advertised. I have an older model (BDW13 integrated) and getting access to the sump is nigh on impossible unless you practically dismantle the thing. However, slid it out, tipped it up, mopped up kitchen floor, slid it back in and its working a charm. Thanks all!

March 2011

Had this problem to. Removed the two black covers with a screwdriver, mopped up the tiny amount of water. Wiggled the polystyrene thingy up and down . Plugged it back in and voila. Happy days no more washing up.

dom. co kilkenny, ireland
February 2011

Had this problem to. Removed the two black covers with a screwdriver, mopped up the tiny amount of water. Wiggled the polystyrene thingy up and down . Plugged it back in and voila. Happy days no more washing up.

dom. co kilkenny, ireland
February 2011

Thanks for all the tips. Managed to drag it out (it's a fitted kitchen), get the black caps off and drain it out. Saved me hundreds!

February 2011

Water in dishwasher press start button then it goes away.
Try to set program to wash but it will not do any thing.
It also pumps water away with the door open is this normal

January 2011

Followed the instructions, removed black panels from front of dishwasher. Required a bit of force. Put in sponge and soaked up water. Quite fiddly. Got all water out and hey presto, it worked. My mum will be so happy!! I may charger a fee though :)
Thanks for this website, it has been a great help!

Boxing day engineer
December 2010

Thank you all and you Mr. Andy Mc G, I just mopped out the water from my free built in machinr and presto it started and cleared the E4 error. Just save £90.

Michael Mc D / Belfast N.Eire
December 2010

Paul, soak up the water in the waste drain in the bottom of the dishwasher first before drying out the bottom. I also noticed my seal underneath the bottom door leaked water, so if that's happened to you, just clean it up and push it back in and now mine doesn't doesn't leak at all.

Clive St.Margarets
November 2010

Thanks everyone. It worked a treat. Two years ago, I paid £80 for a call out for the same problem and this time thanks to you, I fixed it about ten mins. I mopped it out with an old t-shirt, then I used the Mrs's hair dryer just to make sure it was bone dry.

Clive St.Margarets
November 2010

Thanks! I have a Baumatic BWDI631, and this worked a treat! Had the same error as gaz, economy and heavy wash lights flashing.

Literally took 2 minutes to prise off the black covers, and mop the water out. Dishwasher seems to be working OK now!

November 2010

Maybe anyone can help me. I also suffered the E4-code. Solved this by taking off the facia panel at bottom of front face of dishwasher and soak up water.

After running the 30 minutes programmes I still have water again in the machine (stands above the filter). I don't have the E-4 Code yet. Maybe anyone can tell what the problem is?

September 2010

take off black panels at bottom of machine. mop up water with cloth, play about with float to make sure is free and moves. JOB DONE

September 2010

Thank you people. Worked a treat. very little water in there but mopped it out and bins your uncle.

September 2010

Brilliant website page

- Had baumatic error code E4
- Googled "baumatic code E4"
- Accessed right hand facia panel at bottom of front face of dishwasher
- Insert medium flat blade screwdriver into access panel (2 slots at bottom of access panel) twist and draw the screwdriver back....panel is stiff to take off.
-Used large sponge to soak up water....

Could have taken 5 minutes to complete this procedure, but access panel was a bit stubborn

Saved £80.00

July 2010

My dishwasher was leaking and it is roughly 5 months old. The economy and heavy cycle lights were lit (not allowing any other cycle to operate) and the machine beeped unless off. I Followed the plan above, to remove the black panels and sponge the water out. There was a LOT - roughly 1.5 litres! This is definitely alarming. However, all seems fixed and so fingers crossed this cycle works. Only then will i put the plinth back... ;-)

May 2010

Got the same E4 code and followed the advice here but E4 code returned. On investigating - I note that there is water dripping below ( under the inner base near the drain)once the machine is switched on. If there is water overflowing - there must be a reason why this is happening and simply just tipping out the water or mopping up can't be a permanent solution.
I'm now thinking of buying a Bosch rather than pay for an engineer without the guarantee it wont happen again.

May 2010

I have a BFD64SS freestanding dishwaser - same problem. No need to take any covers off just tilt machine over, water runs out. Hey presto problem solved.
Thanks everyone

April 2010

How do you remove the black covers? Nthing I try works they are on very tightly.

March 2010

Yes opening the 2 black covers and mopp out water from the bottom of the machine. just leave a tea towel in the bottom and keep replacing until they are dry. the problem will be solved in minutes - good luck

s bennett
March 2010

had e4 error read several items on this page took off the two black covers mopped a very small amount of water fiddled with the polystyrene float and it cleared the fault. thanks

February 2010

Excellent advice. Thank you so much

Liz Stafford
February 2010

Hi Just wanted to says thanks to all the people who wrote in about this problem. I removed the two black covers at the base of the dishwasher, mopped out the water (about half a pint), put it all back together and hey presto it worked. Fantastic!!

February 2010

hello, found this site and used the info below to fix the e4 error, great, but this only fixes the code and gets the dishwasher working.... the main thing is to find out how the water got there in the first place. for your information, my dishwasher came with a 2 yr warranty labour/5yr parts, so an engineer is popping out next week. hope this helps

November 2009

Sorry to say this folks but tipping the water out just lowers the float switch and clears the E4 code. You need to find out how the water got in there in the first place! In my case the sump gasket had perished and I phoned the nice people at Baumatic spares (01235 437244) who sent me a replacement free of charge!
Another replacment I made was the external pipe at the back of the machine only £14 from above number.

Dave M
September 2009

Baumatic E4 error is caused by a float switch triggering in the sump of the machine. Anything over about 1/2 a pint in the bottom of the machine will lift the polystyrene float and the fault code will show. If the water has been caused by over enthusiastic cleaning or a drip or two over time then all that is required is for the water to be removed. For a built in machine (DISCONNECT THE POWER) then just unclip the front bottom right hand black plastic cover (behind your kitchen kickboard). Using a jcloth or similar mop up and the fault will clear. Replace the cover and restore the power and kickboard.

Peter (Surrey UK)
August 2009

Awesome, tilted back on 45 degrees for a minute.... and all fixed!!! Screw you dirty Baumatic dishwasher people with your useless manual with no information!!! The consumer wins this time!!! (Insert evil laugh here)

Lance (New Zealand)
August 2009

About five years old and still going of course discontinuied model BFD63ss very little spares around now but same as everyone else but found no water in bottom of unit but stripped down found float microswitch sticky moved it a couple of times now ok and E4 error code gone and unit functioning

July 2009


July 2009

This site saved us over £80 quid.
Read the posts on this site,tilted the dishwasher to the side and around 500ml of water ran out,made sure the drain filter was clear,switched on again and yippee,E4 fault cleared and everything back to normal again.
Wife well chuffed,thats a few brownie points earned.

June 2009

i have e4 fault code, have tilted and got all water out but still have e4 code has anybody got any ideas, baumatic want £88.

May 2009

opened 2 black covers from behind plinth and mopped out excess water with sponge ..worked straight away..paid 70 uid for this before and then realised it only a 2 minute job

May 2009

many thanks....I had the same problem but now everything works normal.

cream - Slovakia
May 2009

had exactly the same problem , but after tipping upside down, it was cured, a week later more of the e4, it was actually the nut and pipe at the rear of the machine had worn down, due to the top draw being open and close many times and the top spray bar being slightly off center to the recieving gland, any ideas where i get these spares from.??? and what i ask for ????....please help

April 2009

Many Thanks. Just carried out this simple process. The wife will be pleased!!

Terry Watson
March 2009

Superb! Followed the advice of removing the plinth under my integrated dishwasher and saw two black panels. Popped them off and found a small pool of water in either. Stuck in a sponge and removed the water and hey presto! No more E4s!

March 2009

under the bottom dishwasher just where the door is,there is 2 black door unscrew them ,then sop up the water with sponge. screw it back turn it on. bob ur uncle

cordel laing
March 2009

thanks for the help tryed what you all have said and it works great

February 2009

Have just had same problem. Mine is integrated so had to pull it out.(You need to undo 2 screws on inside of door to release the kitchen unit door, and a couple of screws at the top screwed into the top of the unit). Abit of a fiddle as it is quite tight fit!
Then tipped machine backwards about 45 degrees, some water came out and voila! Fixed!
Hope this helps.

January 2009

I have an intergrated machine, I can move the machine back or forwards? Couldnt get the front panels off due to their location?? An engineer came out today and told my wife its £300 for a new filter system or buy a new machine from them. He said even if they replace the filter the machine has been in water for a few day and can garantee other parts wont be water affected and not work. Does this sound correct to any one out there??

December 2008

Hi guys. Sorry. It's the left hand side of the part of the machine you need to take out and not the left like i said before.

November 2008

UNBELIEVABLE. Took your advice everyone and in 2 minutes sorted the problem, Took the plinth off- right hand side took the black plastic cover off-placed a cloth in there for two minutes-and the machine started

November 2008

Tilting the machine did the trick - thanks everyone! (machine installed 18 months ago).

Dan Wright
November 2008

Looked up the error code on internet and this site came up - followed instructions of removing unit out and turning on its side and drained out water . fault reset and i saved £80 + Many thanks

November 2008

Amazing and thank you - just entered the above in google and up you came - the other half just could not believe it - he was deep in the instruction book (that had no answer!).
Ours is fitted in, so we removed the panel and mopped it out and it worked instantly!
Thank you again!

Graphic Addict
November 2008

Thanks to all. I just lean the machine 45 degree in front and let the water come out.

October 2008

Thank you all, The integrated version didnt have the plastic clips so turned it upside down and held it whilst water came out (thanks to the gym). Wife very impressed, didnt have to pay the £80. RESULT!

August 2008

Mine has the exact same problem and is also just over a year old - did u manage to fix it? If so, please let me know what the problem was.
Kind regards

Donna -
July 2008

Thanks all, took off the plastic front caps, dried the dishwasher out and sat back awaiting the accolades from my wife at my DIY skills; lets hope it doesn't come home to roost next time something else goes wrong! :-)

July 2008

You are absolutely correct, take off the panel dry it and it works. Baumatic service are ripping people off. I asked service and technical if I could sort this myself and they both told me 'no way' the salt regeneration unit has to be flushed through, the unit has to then undergo a complete flush through and then the engineer has to reset the machine. What a load of cobblers, turn it off, dry it out, turn it back on and it works.
Just cancelled the engineer (£80) visit.
Cheers you guys, you are a 'god send' :)

March 2008

Had to tip out a large puddle of water! but now all is working fine :) Many thanks for the advise.

March 2008

well what a rip off on baumatics part, i got up this morning to find dishwasher pump going like a good en, e4 error code! great i thought "just a year old and its knackered". but hey came on line and found all you great people sharing your experiences and remedies, in the time its taken me to type this id followed your instructions and the problem is resolved. thats £80 baumatic wont be stealing from me,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanx . if we all share our problems and remedies these companies might soon realise that we the consumer are not as thick and nieve as they must think we are .

happy alex
February 2008

many thanks just save 80.00

February 2008

just to say thank you to andy mcg got error code 4 did what yoy said working great. there was only a egg cup full of water on floor but it put switch on. thany you all for your help.

colin jarman
January 2008

i had an e4 error dishwasher just out of warranty but 3 days earlier had called them to my cooker they charged me an extra £80 to come to the dishwasher at the sametime and all he did was tilt it forward for about one minute to let the water drain out then turned it back on i couldnt beleive i was charged for that, its happened numerous times since but now i fix it myself

sam stark
December 2007

I'd like to thank everyone here, you've helped me fix the Baumatic E4 error. My folks had this problem, and I just resolved it. As the machine was an integtrated one I could not find the clips at front base, but finally fixed the error by leaning the machine back about 35-45 degrees to remove the excess water from what appears an internal sump. This fixed it. What I would like to add is, why I think this sump exists and why the E4 happens. My folks have this house about 2 years, but not lived in it continously, hence machine only ever used about 20 times. My belief is the sump collects water from condensation i.e. (Cold outside machine wall, hot inside machine wall) hence condensation builds up and should evaporate in right environment. But behind plints at external wall the cold environment was not evaporating the condensation, hence build up. Just a thought... i will drill a few small hole in top of plint for warm air in kitchen to circulate behind units. Folks have now moved in full time, so will keep tabs on it.

Thanks all,

Derrick (Eire)
December 2007

Thanks Stefan, had this problem since about 6 months into purchasing this dishwasher, had Baumatic out twice (heater replaced). Then was told it would just reset itself after a few days , which it does in summer (evaporation i guess). Rang Baumatic and was told it would cost £80 for an engineer to come out as my year was up. Ironic that there IVR tells everyone 'we are so confident in the quality of our products we now give you 2 years parts and labour' oh i how i laughed. Anyway, took the panels off, dried it out with kitchen towel and away we go. I'm now setting up an E4 repair company (£70 per call out)...Just waiting for the induction hob and fridge freezer to go now.

Mike Ketley
December 2007

Do just as stefan says & it works. I noticed just in the centre there is a polystyrene float. This is what activates the overflow switch.

Andy McG
September 2007

this probelm is simple to fix, just take off your kitchen plinth and turn off the dish washer power. then at the base of the dishwasher there are 2 plastic clip access panels, take a blunt screw driver or knive to help you ease out the plastic panel. once this is off, simple take a dish cloth out mop out the water, particularly from the left hand side as this is where the sensor is. Once dry (ish) replace the panels and switch on - DONE! its that easy

stefan liversidge
September 2007

I did not know that "E4" related to the overflow detector so thanks for the info.
I had to call an engineer to fit a new seal just after install, where I took the oportunity to ask him if there were any common problems with the BDW13.
He told me he gets called out a lot to overflow problems.
The very helpfull engineer said if this happens warm the unit to accelerate the evaporation of the water in the overflow tray (this is under the unit where the sensor is also located) and make sure the filters are cleared, leave the unit for a couple of days for the tray to dry out then the washer should be back to normal. If the problem persists he added then call for the engineer. you can take the covers of and manually drain the tray but this is a lot more hastle. Apparently it takes just a little debri to cause this unit to overflow because of the tiny drain holes. SO GET THOSE MARIGOLDS ON!

January 2007

hi have same problem with ours did u get anywere with urs please let me know

August 2006

Well, what a co-incidence - we've got exactly the same problem and our machine is just over a year old too!

July 2006

Hi, have you had any joy? we have exactly the same error and our machine is just out of the warranty as well (apr 2005)... please reply if you found the solution as baumatic wants £75 just to get their bums moving.

June 2006

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