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Question - mend, repair, fix

Zanussi Washing Machine displays an error code E90.?

My Zanussi Washing Machine displays an E90 error part way through the cycle. You can press start and the cycle continues to end with no further errors

February 2004

There is more help available. Mend - zanussi, washing, machine, error, code
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Answers - mend, repair, fix

E32 zanussi zjd12191 any help please

December 2014

"Hi - I have a problem with my Zanussi washer/dryer. The washing aspect is fine but the drying is the issue. I put the dry cycle on after a wash cycle, 15 mins into the dry cycle the machine finishes. No error messages are displayed."

I had the same problem, removed the lid (two screws as described else where on this page) Broken dryer fan belt. Zanussi part 124082742 Approx £12. Purchased here...

September 2011


November 2010

Cleaned the blue cable, dried with a hair drier. All is well again. Many Thanks.

Stevie G
September 2010

water pump on zanussi turbodry 1600 needed changed have changed water pump know display does not show up but there is power getting to machine does not start at all know

Ian McCubbin
August 2010

Hi - I have a problem with my Zanussi washer/dryer. The washing aspect is fine but the drying is the issue. I put the dry cycle on after a wash cycle, 15 mins into the dry cycle the machine finishes. No error messages are displayed.

Pls can some advise.

Much appreciated.

Thanks and Rgds,

Andrew Zan
May 2010

cheers mate e90 error trick worked a treat

May 2010

zanussi 1600 start/pause light just flashes, will not restart?

December 2009

error 40 on zanussi washing machine

patrick o brien
April 2009

error 40 on the washing machine what is wong

patrick o brien
April 2009

Error Code E90 Problem on my John Lewis JLWM1402 Washer-
Many thanks to all. I gave the circuit board 5 mins under the blow dryer, and 'waggled' the 5 blue wire connector as advised. - Hey presto - it solved the problem
By the way, we were just ONE month past the 3 year warranty!

March 2009

Hi, My washing machine FS155W is bleeping 4 times which suggests the door is not shut. The inner door sensor was blown so we have replaced it but the machine is still not working

December 2008

I had an E10 error code trying to use dryer and replaced the 3 way solenoid valve with new one from partmaster. Dryer still not working after new valve fitted. Any other ideas?

October 2008

This happened to my Zanussi today!

Did what everyone above suggested -
power off,
removed 2 screws at the back which secure the top,
pushed the top backwards,
unplugged the connectors to the front panel,
all looked clean but I guess the vibrations due to unbalanced load may have loosened them,
pushed them firmly back in socket,
pushed the top (back to front, make sure a plastic tab seats properly to secure front part of top panel) in place and fastened the screws,
power on,
ran the machine empty for minimum cycle - rinse only.

Test ran OK.

Put a load into the machine.

Now, 70mins later, load is done!

Thanks to everyone for saving me a call to a sarcastic wachine machine repair guy!

August 2008

Zanussi Jetsystem Turbodry 1400

Hi all
thanks for the helpful tips re the solenoid which when replaced might resolve the E10 error message.

But how does the lid come off the top?

At the rear there are screws which i guess may release the whole lid, but it seems to be locked down at the front as well where there are no screws, nor are there any round the sides.

if i unscrew the rear ones, does the whole thing slide forward somehow?

i'm new to this and terrified i might screw it up.

please help!

June 2008

zannussi washing machine display F.02 error what is mean

April 2008

My washing machine displayed an error message E10, 5 minutes into the cycle (during which the time on the display didn't count down at all).

I noticed after moving it into it's new position after moving house that the water pipe was bent! Glad that I didn't have to spend on parts!

January 2008

There are two errors discussed here.. E90 appears to be caused by faulty connectors to the main circuit board which appears in the bottom right corner, if you're looking at the washer from the front with the lid off (looking down into washer). This is fixed by reseating, cleaning the connectors.
Also error E10 has now occured twice on our washer, both times cause by a faulty 3-way valve (actually looks like three small pumps in top left corner of washer as you're peering down with the lid off. I've founda replacement here
I'ts called a three way valve & is a doddle to fit. Hope this helps.

November 2005


I am having this problem too with the E10 error message 5 minutes into drying cycle (during which the time on the display does not count down at all). Can anyone give me an idiot's guide to curing it in child like language? Or maybe I should stop being tight fisted and get an engineer

September 2005

I have just had my machine repaired under extended warranty with the same fault.
The engineer replaced the communications cable (6 thin blue wires with a plug on one end)
Don't know if your problem is the same.

March 2005

Zanussi WJS1265W washer dryer.
Machine stops after about 10 mins during dry cycle.
E10 error message shows.
Zanussi manual suggests water inlet valve blocked or hose kinked or filter blocked.

Not strictly so.
Rectified problem.
Required new solenoid. Fitted hoover replacement part (by the way...not an expensive zanussi part).
These washer dryers rely on a triple solenoid.....first for water-in, second for washing and third for condensing during drying cycle. The solenoid was split and malfunct. Also required a new rheostat which had broken.

About £26 parts. £23 labour. £5 rheostat. plus a bit of VAT

January 2005

My Problem started with E90 but has now progressed with just the E10 error.
This shows up 10 minutes after setting for drying cycle.
has anyone got a cure for this?

January 2005

You guys are FANTASTIC ! You've just save me a packet (& my marriage). The zanussi WJS1265 packed in with error E10 every time I used the dryer.. After finding nothing wrong with the tape or hose, I took the back off. The first thing I noticed was the blocked condenser. I removed & cleaned out but it didn't stop the E10 message. I replaced the pump unit. Very easy job 10 minutes. It was the unit that has three little cylinder shaped motors with a set of small black hoses. It all unclipped & the unit was replaced easily. However, now water was going in, I kept getting error E90. Only rarely at first but it got to a stage where the washer was doing strange things & couldn't complete a cycle. Thanks for the tips about the E90. I re-seated the circuit board connectors & you've now saved my marriage ! Cheers guys.

September 2004

Further investigation showed that the module had gotten wet when I tipped the machine on its side.
I dried it up as best as possible but the error code was still there, so I let it dry out overnight and the problem now appears to be solved.
Moral is not to tip your machine on its RHS (looking from the front).

September 2004

I got this code after popping the top then turning the machine on its side with a view to fitting a longer drain hose.

I'll pop the top again and see if I have disturbed any of the connectors you talk about.

September 2004

same fault on our washer, removed 4 blue cables connecting control panel to main board, cleaned and then reconnected them and everything is now working fine, fingers crossed. thank you

john mcclurey
June 2004

Did you get an answer?

Only because mines doing the same...if its a connection error like that I can pop the top off and reseat the connections - blowed if I'm going to pay an engineer £60 an hour or so to do that!


Steve Richardson
May 2004

If he knows what he's doing he'll just tighten up the connections on the cable between the main circuit board and the one in the control panel, changing the main board will cure it but only because you're refitting the connections not because you're changing a faulty board in the vast majority of cases. It's all down to a communications error between the boards.

April 2004

Don't know what it means...but I have the same fault. Called in Zanussi engineer. I'll let you know what he says.

April 2004

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Fantastic! I disconnected the battery for awhile as advised.

Aug 2019

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