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Question - mend, repair, fix

Shredder Xerox xrx-24S?

The blades make a lot of noise. Do they to be oiled or something?

william Carpino
December 2008

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September 2019

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September 2019

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Hp Printer offline

HP Printer Offline
September 2019

Mine is making a lot of noise.

I just wasted an hour on the phone with Xerox. what a bunch of idiots. They say they dont service it or even refer it for servicing, and they wont even bother to look for the user or service manuals in their own archives (it is XEROX....) because if they could find it they wouldn't share it...

I am about to take mine apart but am very nervous about it. If you have any new info I'd be grateful.

November 2017

Is there any place in New Jersey that fixes them, or sells them?

David Mayo
August 2010

You should open it up and find out if everything is in place and secure. Our xrx-24s made a horrendous noise for a few months, and we ignored it at our peril.

When it finally stopped working all together, I opened it up to find that the sheet metal "cage" that traps the reducer gear set in place was missing two screws. Guess they fell out due to vibration, although the two that remained were still completely covered with red loctite and very secure.

The result was that the shaft of the reducer eventually worked its way out of its socket because it was no longer trapped in place. When that happened the steel motor drive gear (connected to the worm gear) shredded the nylon gear of the reducer.

Have you found a supplier for parts? Or has anyone given upon repairing there machine? If so, could I have your reducer gear set?

If you open it and need help you can post that as well and I'll try to walk you through it.

April 2009

I tried oiling ours by following directions that came with another machine. That didn't fix the problem.

When I took the machine apart, I found that the noise appears to be resulting from a loose fit between the gear on the motor output shaft and the reduction-gear input gear that it turns.

So far I've had no luck in trying to determine whether replacement gears or motor/gear assemblies are available.

Al Moorse
January 2009

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