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Question - mend, repair, fix

How can I derestrict a Suzuki GZ Marauder 125. 15 bhp?

My bike is Sept 03 model year and its top speed is about 55-60mph ish. Is there anyway that I can tweak it?

November 2008

Need to mend your Suzuki 125 motorcycle?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Hi I do have Suzuki GZ125HS and my one can hit more than 70mph, but now I do have one problem sometimes there is power and sometimes is no power at all and I don't know what to do, if you know answer write to me on my Facebook website Street Lions
p.s. I did clean carb with ultrasonic and I did made my own air filter, but still sometimes I do have this problem.

Street Lions
October 2014

Ok I have had a read of everyone's post. Now I have just bought a Marauder gz125, 56 plate. And i am aware of the low speed. but 45/ 50 mph when on a duel carriageway is not what I call fun! I like the ride, I dont think anybody can complain about that but I do believe that the top speed does need to be increased just to match the speed of other road users i.e 65/70 but no more, as people have said 'Its a cruiser'!But when you are struggling to hit 45 on a flat road then there is an issue. I will take everyone's advice to note and shall see what happens! Happy biking :-)

Easy Rider Spider
August 2013

The weak point is the exhaust - the narrow exhaust is litterally strangling the machine. Take off the silencer, and take the bike for a short trip. Notice any difference ? I bet.
Take the silencer to your local blacksmith and ask him to make something less restrictive...unless you can do it yourself by drilling more holes in the backplate of the muffler.

Peter the blacksmith
February 2013

Gotta say i agree with Zero, i had one, i change the air filter, made a new exhaust, had the engine bored out (very expensive), changed the spark plugs, rejetted the carbs and re-mapped. all in all spent nearly a grand.
No doubt it was faster, the bike was reaching upto a 110mph, but the bike was never made to do that sort of speed, after 70 the vibrations got really bad. i only did the top speed once as it was a hold on for dear life job. Best advice is to spend your hard earned money on a fast 125, i went the other route and passed my full test, bought a bandit 600, its very cheap (around a grand for a good one), easiest thing ever to ride, very basic.

July 2011

i just drilled 5 even holes in the exhaust i can get 5 -10mph extra but pulls off faster than cars.

December 2010

oh yeah by the way my marauder is a late 2003 modle aswell so it should be exactly the same

November 2010

i too also have a suzuki marauder, i have had it a month and a half, at first i was thinking it is slugish for a 125 but i went a ride for the first time with my friend (he is on a yamaha yzf-r125 leo vince race replica cmc edition only) and he kept trying to get me to push my bike to its limits to see what she can do, i still dont know what she's fully capable of but with him pushing me i got her to 67mph in 4th gear, i completly forgot there was a 5th gear at the time lol and earlyer today i pushed her hard and got 40mph in 2nd gear, i know it sounds like i am abusing my engine but it is not like that constant, to get more speed out of your engine give it more revs, when it starts vibrating like mad, keep reving higher till your at the end of the powerband and you will get alot higher top end out of it :)

November 2010

iv brought my self a Marauder 125 gz how do you order the C D I from spain i cant find anywhere on the net to get 1 :( please help asap!!

May 2010

I have an 04 plate Marauder and stuggle to get her up to 50 sometimes, which is a problem considering the road i use the most to get about my business is a 50mph bypass. I've been told of many people doing 60 easily, some even more. Went on my mates YBR125 the other day and that had a lot more pull. I know the Marauder is a heavier bike but it should still be pushing out more than the speeds i'm getting.

I don't want more speed for being a racer or anything, just feel safer on the faster roads if i could hold my own against the arseholes in cars pushing past.

You guys think this is some kind of restriction maybe or more likely a mechanical error?

March 2010

its a cruiser. get a different bike if you want more speed :-)

August 2009

marader has small port does that make it slower i get only 50mph 55mph and it feals like it going to explode

August 2009

more speed needed marader125 o8 model mark my name mark

August 2009

The marauder 125 is restricted by the electronics, to be precise, the C D I unit and can only be de-restricted by purchasing one from Spain where there are no restrictor in place.
They are not expensive and can be purchased from Suzuki as long as you lie and tell them the bike is to be used in Spain..

an unrestricted spanish owner
April 2009

Hey, i am a Marauder owner myself (love it) and wanted to do the same, this is the only aqnswer i've found online. i'm a big guy and i can get 65mph out of mine, downhill with a strong wind at my back. anyway, this is quoted from another site.

"Man, how come us guys are always trying to make what we got go even faster??? LOL... By de-restrict, I assume you are talking about puching out or altering the exhaust? Ok... the 125 Marauder is a single cylinder 4 stroke cruiser. Yes it is possible to do it. As for safe? Well... your son won't end up hurt, but the engine might. When street bikes are designed, there are certain factors that are considered. Emission outputs being a major one. Your sons bike has been designed for optimum performance with the exhaust, carb and air intake system it now has. The first steps to souping up a cruiser are to install a high performance exhaust, remove the airbox and install aftermarket HP air filter (such as a K&N)... and lastly (and most difficult) the carb has be rejetted to match the changes in the exhaust and air intake. I don't think there are too many places that sell performance parts for a GZ125, as the bike was never meant to be a racer. I personally would not alter it from stock, as Suzuki has put a lot of time and money in R&D on their bikes... besides, the final increase in power could prove too much for the simplistic frame and forks... in other words, the bike was designed to handle 10.2 HP @ 9000rpm... and remember, for every change you make to the flow restriction on the exhaust, you will prolly need to match it with a rejet on the carb... Hope this was helpful Wilson!! Oh and tell your son to slow down, ya can't see the scenery if you're squinting!!! LOL"

February 2009


jesus hitler
February 2009

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I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

May 2020

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