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SONY DVD Recorder (RDR GX330). It is frozen on the word "WELCOME".?

SONY DVD Recorder (RDR GX330). It is frozen on the word "WELCOME". Tried unplugging it & plugging it back in. Just sits there. It doesn't load or anything! Stuck on the word "WELCOME". That's all it does. HELP!!!!!!

September 2008

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I bought same model years ago and tried evrything and it didn't work. Does anyone know if a newer sony dvd is compatible with the RDR GX330? I have some dvd's that I never close(finalize) and don't want to lose what I have in them. Thanks.

December 2012

Like others, a frozen "Welcome". Here's what worked for me: 1. Hold down On/Off for 15 secs. The DVR turns off. 2. As soon as it turns off, release the On/Off, then hold down On/Off, Eject, and Play simulataneously. DVR turns on, then off. At that point, I can turn it on, set the time, record, etc. It works properly. However, after I shut it off again and then turn it on, it freezes at "Welcome". I have to go through this same process again.

November 2012

I never had this problem until I put the unit inside my entertainment center, with a Blu-ray player on top of the DVD recorder. I got rid of this problem by isolating the unit. I took it out of my entertainment center, placed it on top of it, with no other electronics touching the unit. I still had to go through the process of holding down the start key for 10+ seconds to reset it, and I may have powered it off by unplugging the cord. Once I made it past "WELCOME," I never had the problem again.

August 2012

I tried some of the suggestions by others and they didn't work. This is what worked for me after leaving it off for a couple of days.
1. When the DVD recorder is on and is displaying the "Welcome," hold in the power button for about 15 seconds. The DVD recorder will power off.
2. When it powers off, release the button and it will come back on and show the "Welcome" sign again.
3. Hold in the stop button. It will say "Power off."
4. When I restarted it by pushing the power button, it was fine.

December 2010

Plug it in then hold power+ eject and stop button at the same time

March 2010

While the unit is on and the Welcome is frozen push and hold in the power on button for about 15 seconds or so until the power goes off. Then release the power button. The unit will go on and the Welcome will eventually blink and the unit will eventually cycle into power off with just the clock showing. Then unplug the power and wait, as suggested above, several days.

Joe Friendly
February 2010

I have a Sony RDR HX750. I kept getting CPRM error on the HDD so I took it out and connected it to my PC. Disk manager picks it up but wants me to initialise it but i am scared of loosing everything. So I put it back into the recorder, now it freezes at welcome and nothing else works.

October 2009

My SONY DVD Recorder RDR-HX520 frozen on "WELCOME" too. I tried unplugging it & plugging it back in, but stuck on the word "WELCOME". I left it unplugged for 3 days and it works again.

October 2009

My RDR HXD860 froze on Welcome approx 6 weeks out of warranty. I was living in Ireland and brought the player with me to New Zealand. Sony Ireland sent me a replacement, once I had brought it to the local Sony centre and faxed their report back. I still have the 860, (quote was $900 to fix, newer model is $350!), it is still stuck on Welcome and would love to find a way to fix it cheap... seems like such a waste of metal.....

September 2009

Recently, I had the same "stuck on WELCOME" problem with my Sony RDR-GX330, after my daughter hit the off button followed by the open/close button after watching a movie. I read the earlier solution of just leaving the DVD recorder unplugged for a few days to let the memory capacitor discharge, but was disappointed when it did not clear the problem. I went on vacation for a week immediately following this problem and when I returned I rented some DVDs to watch but had forgotten that the DVD recorder was "broken". For the hell of it, I plugged it back in and amazingly the problem was gone. I would seem that some of the RDR-GX330's take longer than a few days to clear. I would guess that if you plug it back in before the memory capacitor completely discharges, you just started the discharge clock over again. Wait a week like I did and see if that works. It saved me cost of buying another DVD recorder.

James Young
May 2009

My 3 year old granddaughter was pushing buttons on the remote, and somehow was able to find a sequence that caused the DVD recorder to freeze on the "Welcome" screen. Sony had no answer for this!!! I unplugged it overnight....same result. I contacted Sony (they were no help), and finally just unplugged it again. We went away for a long weekend, and while away, bought a new recorder to replace it (Toshiba this time). When we got back, I plugged in the Sony just for sh#$'s and giggles, and voila, it worked. The only thing I can figure is that there is some sort of capacitor inside that holds the memory until it discharges (which appears to take longer than 24 hours). So far, all is well!!! Therefore, if anyone from Sony reads this, add it to your previously useless troubleshooting page that invariable sends us to your repair link!!!!

So, if this happens to you, unplug the unit for a couple of days before sending it in for repair!!! No guarantee it will work for you, but it did for me, so there is hope!

December 2008

Bad news, i just had my rdr-gx330 changed for the rdr-gx360. good thing i bought the 2 year replacement plan.
The geeksquad at bestbuy replaced my 2 year old rdr-gx330 for the new rdr-gx360
According to sony tech support this error is non recoverable.

Jorge Garcia
November 2008

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Apr 2019

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