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How can I fix my Mintek MDP-1720 portable DVD player?

My DVD player will play some Dvd's but will not read others. It just keeps spinning sometimes quite fast. I know with PS2's when they do this you can adjust the laser. Is this possible with the Mintek portables and if so how do I go about it.
P.S all the Dvd's I've tried will play on my other portable.

September 2005

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

ive tried that slide it back and forth thing and it still doesnt work. now it says no disc. any other tricks to try ?anybody? if not im sorry for my friend that bought this piece of .... for me as a gift. thanks to all thats tring to help.

big daddy
August 2008

Sue Kerslake is correct. I moved the laser back and forth a couple of times on its track, put in an audio cd in my Mintek MDP-1720 and let it play through and approx. 1 hour later, I put in a dvd and it played as if there was never a problem.

Dan N.
July 2006

Sue is 100% correct. I am an electronicsTechnician from Dearborn Heights Michigan. I have repaired MANY MANY MANY of these units the exact way that was stated above. Good luck to you all, and sorry mintek is such a terrible company. (for future reference, buy Akai, or Panasonic, they are the best priced and most reliable portable mini dvd players)

Jeff M.
January 2006

My son has a Mintek 1720 DVD that had a "loading" problem with DVDs. I too went to the website and saw that it posted this problem with the explanation that it was "defective." But, take heart, it can be fixed in just a few minutes by you! I called the tech support toll free number at Mintek (866-709-9500) and they told me exactly how to fix it! Thank you tech support person, Sarah! Okay, here is what you do. With the power turned off, open the lid and then open the hatch where you put the DVD into. Locate the laser lens and notice that the laser lens is attached to an assembly that moves diagonally outward in a slot. First, slide this assembly outward. Second, slide it back inward. Now repeat, slide out then back in. Next, put in a music CD and let it play all the way through. (This re-calibrates the laser head assembly movement.) When the music CD is done playing, put in a DVD, and amazingly, you'll have a working unit again. I just did this to my son's yesterday and I'm so happy! (One less thing I have to re-buy at Christmas this year!)

Sue Kerslake
October 2005

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i get a no disc in my mintek mdp-1770?

when i load a disc in my mintek mdp-1770 i get a no disc reading. ive tried several different disc and i still get the same reading. has anyone else had this problem? Please contact me at

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