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Question - mend, repair, fix

Panasonic DMR-EZ45VEBS U61 error code?

dvd/vcr combi stuck in U61 error code, how do I unfreeze unit or re-boot unit

April 2008

Need to mend your Panasonic dvd recorder?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

It's working checking the capacitors in the power supply and by the DVD drive and under it, if these have popped tops they have cooked and will allow ripple on the supply lines that cause all sorts of problems including U error codes.

Jonathan Baldry
October 2016

Fiona 68 you are a genius thanks

January 2016

Disconnect from mains, remove metal case cover (four silver screws on sides and three black screws on back) Remove metal plate/cover off top of dvd drive (another four silver screws which are tight !). Clean the dvd spindle with isopropyl alcohol and several cotton buds until the buds come away clean. Do the same for the cap (on the inside of the lid) that rests on top of the spindle if it looks dirty. While you are at it, give the laser lens a GENTLE rub with another clean cotton bud. Be carefully on reassembly the edges of the metal cabinet are SHARP ! After re-assembly and subsequent switch-on insert unformatted Panasonic RAM disc abfpd format it.

November 2015

I had the U61 error come up on my tv screen and it just wouldn't disappear not matter what I did.
I came on to read everyone's advise and help and found that putting in a blank dvd upside down it came up saying the disc was dirty, then I put it up the right way and it came up saying about getting it formatted. So I took the disc out and put another one in and that solved the whole problem. Thank you so much everyone for your helpful hints.... much appreciated

Many Thanks

Fiona from New Zealand

August 2015

My Panasonic DMR-EZ45E thinks its a submarine (U61) after a power cut ,so after reading and trying most of the options to get it rebooted it now frequents the river.........don't waist your time!

February 2014

I put the disc in shiny side up ie upside down and that worked I then put the disc in the correct way and it worked good Luck

June 2013

After reading this page I tried inserting a blank unformatted dvd and it cleared the recurring error U61 message. But I have now given up trying to record on disc as it never seems to work properly.
I notice that some correspondents recommend Sony instead. Yet I vowed some time ago never to buy any further Sony stuff after a bad experience with a hi-fi and their pathetic "customer service"!

May 2013

I was recording to a DVD-R when code U61 displayed along with zeros. I was unable to eject the DVD even after performing the reset per the manual and unplugging the unit/repowering up. I lost control of all functions. I removed the DVD drive from the PC Board, removed the drive cover screws and removed the DVD. After repowerup I was able to reset the unit by holding power button for 10 sec. All functions working again (for now)

April 2013

i had a similar problem ended up the laser went bad ordered NEW from panasonic so i thought,they sent a rebuilt one and said it was new ,you could tell from the rub marks on the screw holes and drive .It gets better I find a note in the box that they want the old drive back or ready for this a core charge will be applied to my card ? now i don't know about any body else but when i order new and pay a premium price i expect new with no core charge. I called them and explained the problem the girl said oh you want a new one i said well yes thats what i paid for she made a note on my acct and another about o core sent a shipping return label but will not send a new one until they get that one back ummm they have my cc number? poor business practices from them this is just a fyi to watch what you get look at it closely and complain .

February 2013

i have a DMR-EX77 and an DMR-EX79 same problems tried everything these machines just aren't happy :(

December 2012

I had the same U61 problem and when I removed the disc it was hot. I let it cool down and when re-inserted it worked ok. The fault kept occurring and with my unit being within a cabinet and no children in the house I drilled some holes in the cover above the dvd unit and fitted a small extractor fan over the holes which resolved the problem for over one year. It eventually failed again and I believe it to be probably the laser within the dvd unit. I would like to fit a replacement dvd unit.

mike n
December 2012

I was frustrated with this U61 error code until I read the comments on this site. I put in a new DVD-R and the recorder reset itself immediately.

September 2012

I also solved the problem by opening the front flap and pressing the channel up and down buttons at the same time. Machine went into RESET mode, automatically retuned all the stations and it then worked fine.

September 2012

Tried everything mentioned above and nothing worked including taking the disc drive apart. Just brfore I gave up I tried a DVD-RAM disc with a recording on it and it fixed the problem. I hope it does the same for you. I will think twice about buying Panasonic again.

April 2012

Although I am not getting the errror code U61, I am unable to play dvds, format blank ones. Every time I inset a disc it says that there is a fault with the disc. I have tried various blank and prerecoreded discs but none work - they do work on another DVD player I have. Even when there is no disc inserted and I close the drive, it still reports a disc read error. I suspect it may be the laser. Just as an aside, I have had this machine for nearly 5 years now and this is the first problem I've encountered - must be one of the lucky ones

January 2012

Buy a Sony, they are rubbish. Twice it has been repaired. The retailer does not want to know.

John Webb
December 2011

Thanks guys for the info, and yes a Sony DVD done the trick for me…

GM, Herts
March 2011

I have just taken mine to Hughes in Norwich paid £20 deposit. Next day was told that repairs would cost £180.
The machine was just out of guarantee! Needless to say I shall not be buying any more electronic equipment made by Panasonic. I wish I had read about Error U61 before experiencing it for myself!

Anthony Leeson
March 2011

Have had this problem for 2 days. Have had no problem with this machine until now and have had it for nearly two years. After reading the various suggestions on this forum, I inserted a blank, unformatted Sony disc and.......eureka, success. Thank you so much.

Monica C.
January 2011

i had this problem 4 days just put a blank dvd in and let it do yhe rest its self it may take a few mins but it does work good luck

peter lovatt
December 2010

I've had 2 of these units - 1st one packed up 3 weeks after the warranty expired, my dealer twisted Panasonic's arm and got a new DVD drive, then it failed TWICE more last year. Got another one 2nd hand off eBay (mug that I am!) - this one has been in the repair shop twice and has just failed again with U61, won't play disc, won't format disc, won't change channel, etc...
The answer? DON'T buy a Panasonic! Expensive high-tech rubbish, as you can see from the many complaints on various websites...

Angry EX-Panasonic buyer
December 2010

Hi There - we had the same problem = spent two hours trying to re-set - no success. Then was told to press channel up and down buttons together - it works!!! The machine re-set and we threw away the corrupt disc which causes the problem in the first place!!

September 2010

None of it seems to work. Had it apart, moved the laser eye back as someone suggested...and even put in a blank dvd. Still getting U61 error. :(

August 2010

I have a panasonic DMR-ES35V. Was displaying the U61 error code. Tried the blank disk trick and it worked. No more error and working fine.

February 2010

There is no answer apart from paying £200+. this has happened 3 x to mine and was told it was the laser that had gone!!

January 2010

Tried all the suggestions on this subject to no avail. Bob's suggestion, (October 2008), looked promising but no way could I find a reset button. Have given up on this problem and will purchase a new machine, not Panasonic

December 2009

If your unit is just outside its manufacturers warranty period, and it fails with an error such as this, try hitting your reseller or Panasonic, sighting your implied warranty (uk), i.e., when you pay top dollar for quality merchandise, its lifespan should exceed the warranty!! Be careful though, some larger resellers will purchase equipment from manufacturers at a discount and cover the warranty themselves to increase their profits, in that case your fight is with the reseller. Keep calm, be persistent and most importantly, know your rights, Google is you friend in instances such as this, as are trading standards and CAB
Good luck

Andy B
August 2009

U61 fault is USUALLY a failure of the DVD drive electronics board. A replacement from panasonic is £180 so forget it!!!...Most prone to this failure are ALL the EZ models...EZ26, Ex27 etc etc. AVOID like the plague. They usually fail within 2 years so if you have a 2 year warranty...hit panasonic with your problem they are compelled to sort it for you.

Dr. W Peter Koerner
July 2009

the mpeg (codec)/control board needs to be replaced

gostronic tv and video services
March 2009

Our machine did this too yesterday, there was no way to get it out of the vicious circle whatever combination of button presses or switching the power off I tried. I then read something on a forum and decided to try it.
When the DVD tray opens, put a brand new blank unformatted DVD in it. This cured it!!
I'm not very impressed by this machine, fault codes have appeared several times but switching the mains on and off has always cured it in the past.
Good luck!

Chris W
February 2009

here is what you have to do unscrew the cover 4 large screws 2 on each side 3 smaller screws on the back cover lift cover off you should see disc reader with 4 very small screws take them off now you should be able to see inside where the disc is could be that the reader is forward push it back it may be the open and close tray is stuck force it to open gently all the time hitting the reset button just play with it .it should free it up but remember gently

October 2008

I don't know (that really isn't much help i know) but inserting a blank dvd didn't work for me, i really need another answer if anyone has one.

Jack A
October 2008

Just put in a Blank DVD Recordable media!
It should then reset.

if it doe's not, then it may be a fault in the dvd drive, the guides in the eject tray may have come adrift!

or other fault.

July 2008

Did you get any answer - I have the same problem just started

June 2008

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