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E10 error on Electrolux Washing machine EWG14440W?

I keep getting an E10 error when my wash cycle reaches the rinse cycle. I have moved the washing machine recently. Could I have trapped a pipe and caused this problem? I don't really want to pull it out again if this is unlikely. I'd rather get an engineer to check it. The other threads seem to focus on washer-dryers so I'm unsure if my E10 is the same.

Thanks for your advice

March 2008

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I have an E10 error. I have good pressure, all filters have been checked and the washing machine had not been moved. No problems till now when nothing has changed. Please help

October 2017

Can not get the e10 to go off.turn macnine off and on and still not able.machine was move yesterday and the trouble been si ce.

Maureen Dalton
March 2017

machine will not spin on cotton cycle ita atime manager 8kg

January 2017

We had this problem, I checked the items suggested in troubleshooting in manual, kinked hose, poor water pressure, blockage in filter - all ok. Called a tech in under warranty (5 years), and it turned out to be a failing solenoid. Easy fix - not sure how expensive this part is it was done under warranty.

January 2015

I keep getting E10 fault the engineer told me my water pressure is at fault what should the water pressure be? and would attaching a pump help?

July 2009

Kinked inlet hoses, inlet water filter blocked, insufficient or no water is getting is getting to the machine

August 2008

E-10 error showed up on my machine aswell . After talking to the Manufacture they suggested I check the filtre . Soon as I removedthe retarded clamps I found some items in the filtre . Once they were removed all went well.
Now i have the same error and the filtre is clean so onwards I will look. Thanks for the Ideas .

April 2008

I pulled the washer out and it worked fine so I must have kinked the pipe. Thanks for your help ck. Any tips on how to push an integrated washer back without trapping the pipe?


March 2008

may be the inlet valve has a fault.have you made sure you haven't kinked the cold fill hose when you moved it?

March 2008

Hi ck! My waste pipe is actually connected under the sink so I don't think I could change anything. Could there be some blockage?

Also, when the error appears, I can hear water dripping into the powder drawer. Does that help you?


March 2008

E10 is a time out on other words didn't get to a set level within the time allowed.i think your problem is your machine is syphoning water away at the rinse cycle.when you put the drain hose in your waste pipe did you push it along way in?.if so reinstall drain hose but only put about 20cm down your waste retry and hopefully will work.let us know how you get on!

March 2008

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there is flames comming from the motor area while it is on and is making a loud noice, like something is fell off and is grinding against something to cause the flames. its not the belt ive replaced that...

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Dec 2018

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