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binatone veva 1210 has locked itself?

How doo i unlock my binatone veva 1210 when i didn't lock it. I cant use phone at all and need to access voice... [Read more]
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How can I unlock my memory card?

My phone is a sony vivaz with a 8gb sd card. I got a replacement phone and have forgotten my password is there... [Read more]
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how to unlock a cordless phone?

I own a onetel OT8500 trio phone. One of the handsets has become locked and as such I cannot unlock it. I don'... [Read more]
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how to unlock mobile when i don't know ?

i have bought a second hand phone which is locked to a network but i have no idea which one,how can i find out... [Read more]
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modelv850 cordless phone?

cordless phone ,mode v850a cannot ring out,have checked everything ,battery ok all plugs etc,phone dead when... [Read more]
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phone not working?

I can receive incoming calls on my phone but not make out going one's. When keypad is pressed there is a doubl... [Read more]
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when i lock my 5800 nokia phone and then unlock it the screen is just a blu?

when u lock phone and then unlock phone the screen is just a blur
Mend Memory, Memory Cards

how do i unlock my 2gb pny micro sd card ?

I have a motorola EM326g net 10 cell phone. I bought a PNY 2gb micro sd memory card. Everytime I plug my phone... [Read more]
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how to unluck phone?

my binatone cc 2310 handset is locked. how can i unlock it?
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ho can i unlock my nokia 1200?

When i turn off my phone after trying to switch it on, enter your security code appear on the phone. thank yo... [Read more]

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