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Boiler heating above the programmed set back temperature ?

I have a boss therm wireless thermostat used all the advice regarding communication issues with this system ho... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

Can't get Siemens RDJ10RF thermostat to reset?

Had no problem with the fitting on wall next to boiler but when I press "learn" on the other part to get two p... [Read more]
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where can i get a campini ty.60 170 c thermostat?

my mathius night storage heater thermostat is u/s. manufacturers call it a control thermostat but is marked ty... [Read more]
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Aeg electric competence oven won’t heat up?

My oven was on, after half hour, it all went off and tripped the fuse board, after resetting the fuse board th... [Read more]
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Which model room thermostat do I need?

I have a Worcester Green Star 37cdi combi boiler. The room thermostat controller is showing an E1 fault so I ... [Read more]
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Diplomat larder ABA6140 faulty thermostat?

How do I get to thermostat to change it
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Capacitor replaced, second time since 2008, but the problem remains?

Hi Dave, took me a bit longer than 4 mins to replace my Drayton Digistat SCR capacitor but I have done it (no ... [Read more]
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Siemens thermostat?

My thermostat is showing the numbers 666 and the letters EEEE i can't change it back to the clock any ideas pk... [Read more]
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Heat Surge X5C shuts down no heat heat?

I have an Amish Heat Surge X5C heater that when turned on it produces no heat and shuts off after running for ... [Read more]
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My beko freestanding D533 electric cooker oven and top right job not workin?

3 of the hot plates work and grill works but main oven and top right hand plate don't work.Could it be a fuse ... [Read more]

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