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Loss of power steering zafira?

Driving my 2005 zafira 1.6 I heard what sounded like gravel hitting the underneath near the front wheel wells.... [Read more]
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Astra 2005 ?

Hi, my dashboard cluster, rpm,temp gauge, fuel gauge and speedo stopped working. Every thing worked fine last ... [Read more]
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speedo has stopped working ?

Van still running losses power if exceeds certain revs through gears
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Eratic speedo on Renault tragic 115dci?

After driving for about 70miles the speedo jumps up and down,will eventually settle
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Intermittent start?

Vauxhall combo van 03 reg. Last year while driving noticed speedometer fuel indicator and rev counter would al... [Read more]
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speedo, rev. counter, temp. guage and petrol guage stopped working!?

As in the short question the petrol, temp., rev. counter and speedo have all stopped working. They remain ina... [Read more]
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Kawasaki ER5 Speedo Tacho complete unit?

Does any have a complete speedo tacho unit for sale my bike was knocked over and the unit is beyond repair. Al... [Read more]
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Speedometer not working, y reg clio?

Can anyone please help my speedo only works when it wants, idont no where to locate the sensor as I've been to... [Read more]
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power steering gone speedo on 0 citreon c3 desire ?

Same as most others here, ive got citreon c3 desire speedo on 0 low idle and power steering gone. Replaced s... [Read more]
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2002 Peugeot 206 1.6v?

Peugeot 206 Please can someone help me I'm at wit's end with my 2002 Peugeot206 1.6v I cant spend much more... [Read more]

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