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I regulary play online cards have done for the last 4 years without any problems until recently the card game ... [Read more]
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slow start up home xp?

my pc takes along time to start up how can i speed it up
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I have a dell deminsion 4700c. One day it just turned off and wont turn on?

one night while working on my dell 4700c it shut it's self off. when i tried to turn it back on it started bee... [Read more]
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How do i re-set my ACER Aspire 5630 to factory mode?

Hi, I have an ACER Aspire 5630 and its not running normal, i've run 3 different anti virus progammes and clear... [Read more]
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increasing memory on my PC?

I have System Mechanic 7 installed on my computer. It is telling me that I am low on memory. Also, it takes at... [Read more]
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which brand pendrive has high speed data transver?

i having a tracends, kingstron, scandisk pendrives. which one has high speed data transfer from pc to pendr... [Read more]
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my computer is running slow and lots of antivirus is running?

how to get rid of antivirus from pc
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how do i restore my pc to new?

ive got a packard bell pc which ive had for a couple of years but it is now very slow, freezes up quite often ... [Read more]
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cdrom stutters?

Hi The DVD/CD on my 18 month old Compaq pc is not working properly. The DVD bit is fine and I can play games... [Read more]
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pc is very slow what can i do?

from logging onto net , to going to internet explorer takes approx 15 mins everything else is very slow , even... [Read more]
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