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how to replace gear lever linkage collers?

i have a 1999 Renault Scenic 1600cc 16 v that has recently been giving me probs getting into 5th gear at time... [Read more]
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renault scenic reverse light bulb?

where is the reverse light blub on a rear right hand 3 cluster renault grand scenic 2008 ?
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Radio code?

I unplugged my radio in my renault scenic not realising it would need a code when refitting. I don’t have th... [Read more]
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renault scenic drivers window works in revers order?

Renault scenic drivers door window, the window stopped working all together, I took the door card of to invest... [Read more]
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Air conditioning and heating problem?

When I turn on the air conditioner, no air would come out same goes to the heater when I turn it on. All the b... [Read more]
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Renault scenic 2006 petrol reg:NJ56WLD?

Car starts for a second and stops again seems like fuel problem, where can I find the fuel tank to check the p... [Read more]
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scenic 1.8 year 02. wiper problem?

Renault scenic 02 model. Driving along with intermittent wipers on. Suddenly went to continuous with no way... [Read more]
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Car wont start renault scenic 2002 mk1 1.4?

hi my renault scenic wont start ive tried all changed the tdc sensor but still no luck , could it be the camsh... [Read more]
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dash dispay check emission and now injection ?

bought renault megane scenic privilege 1.9 dci check emission always on and now check injection as come on any... [Read more]
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renault megane scenic 2000 model?

i just want to know how bolt or nuts does this vihicle fit in the wheels i have not checked it

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