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thermostat radiator valve, not working?

The thermostatic valve on radiator not working , ideas of what to try to obtain working ?
Mend Vehicles, Vans

my radiator fan does not work on my renault twingo 210?

On my renault twingo 2010 1.2 petrol engine the radiator fan doew not switch in after a 30 mile jounrney nor d... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

Pressure being lost?

Worcester bosch 24SI ii On a daily basis I need to build the water pressure up via the loop, It reads almost ... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Oil Filled Radiators

where can I get a new on off switch double switch model NY 15 A?

the on off switch does not work where can i order a new switch from for my oil filled radiator heater model nu... [Read more]
Mend Household Appliances, Washing Machines

How can I fix my Beko WM5102W Washing Machine - White?

I recently had to empty the filter from my washing machine because it would not drain and it worked fine after... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Fan Heaters

How can I fix my suprima 60 boiler?

The pilot light on my boiler keeps cutting out it didn't work at all yesterday but today It came on for around... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Oil Filled Radiators

oil filled radiator wiring fault?

Hi, I recently bought two new identical oil filled radiators off ebay. Both of them dont seem to work c... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

why aren't my radiators getting hot on my ferroli optimax he31?

Hi my boiler is switched on and the radiator icon is indicating that the radiators are on but they are not get... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Oil Filled Radiators

The switch is broken on my 1KW Callenge 9fin mini oil filled radiator. ?

Can I get a new switch for my Challenge oil filled heater? I can fit it, as I have got the malfunctioning swit... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Oil Filled Radiators

New Warm lite oil filled radiator is not coming on ?

We bought it a year ago and hadn't used it

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