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Vectra:Where can i buy a cheap radiator for vectra?

Can someone help me where to find cheap radiator for Vauxhall Vectra, any internet sites, garages or shops in ... [Read more]
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Leaking water from Vauxhall Corsa 1.7d Breeze (S Reg)?

I am leaking water quite extensively, having to top up the radiator quite regularly. It seems to be leaking... [Read more]
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How can I replace my AC radiator in Ford Mondeo MK-II?

How can I replace my AC radiator in Ford Mondeo MK-II, I need removing procedure for this.
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How do I change to cooling fans on a 1997 Lincoln Continental?

How do you remove the radiator shroud that contains the 2 cooling fans. The dealer wants $1100. Say you have... [Read more]
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what do i do if the water is leaking from my mk 1 ford fiesta popular?

I recently put in a new radiator on my 1981 fiesta to stop from over heating and me having to refill it each d... [Read more]
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CANDY Reverse Action Condencer Dryer NOT CONDENCING?

I have a Candy condencer tumble dryer, the only markings on this is as above title. The machine has suddenly... [Read more]
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Radiator nuts wont loosen?

I want to take radiator off wall but nuts wont budge. How do I loosen them without bending pipe which may caus... [Read more]
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How doyou remove a radiator so that i can wallpaper behind it
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Can a leaking radiator be mended?

Or do I have to have a new one? I have a small leak at the bottom of a radiator and would like to know if ther... [Read more]
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Can I stop one of my radiators filling with air?

One of my radiators (bathroom) fills with air. I know that the lowest one on the system will normally catch th... [Read more]
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